@epilanthanomai Okay, so I'm not sure how much theory you'll get, but you might want to check out Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine (now available on drivethrurpg.org). A friend told me of this several years ago and it might serve you here.

@epilanthanomai Okay, I understand better now. I think I have a bead on something that might be helpful but need to do some searching. Hold tight!

@epilanthanomai Mine might be dated too, but Amber is a completely diceless system. If you want a little more dice, Mage can be wonderfully narrative while still giving some structure.

job opening: music metadata expert/product management 

@epilanthanomai ::cries in Compiter Science generalist::

@epilanthanomai Ah, took a course on category theory... just wish the lecturer was more engaging.

mud coding 

@epilanthanomai Thank you! I'll check it out!

mud coding 

@epilanthanomai I don't really have a language preference... JavaScript maybe only because I've been writing a lot of parsers in it, but game for anything.

mud clients 

@epilanthanomai I wish I knew. Never programmed a MUD but now I kinda want to. Is there a simple client/server package useful to get started or will one need to begin with network programming?

@roadriverrail Hehe, fantastic! Sadly my coding theory book is all xeroxes with no clues to title nor authorship. I know the graduate Springer text has a ton of codes but not sure if it sets up the theory well enough.

codenerdery, haskell 

@roadriverrail @epilanthanomai Oh, totally understandable.

codenerdery, haskell 

@epilanthanomai Hehehe, yeah. It's my go-to language for problems that are abstract and hard.

codenerdery, haskell 

@epilanthanomai Yay for Haskell!

@epilanthanomai Oh, okay. That's a relief; I was beginning to wonder if the page was secretly judging me somehow. :)

@epilanthanomai I click "yes" and the warning page just reloads. :(

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