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just finished she-ra. no spoilers only screams 

@epilanthanomai I was informed about how it ended. I take it you enjoyed it. :)

ham shack 

@roadriverrail Is the thing in the window the antenna?

@Wolthera Can confirm. The last all-nighter I pulled I was pushing 40 doing homework. Suffice it to say, I have zero interest in *ever* doing that again.

@roadriverrail I really appreciate your willingness! For now I've confined myself to remote-only positions because of my wife's impending defense and potential job prospects. But if I obtain a clearer picture of my logistics, I'll holler. ^_^

@roadriverrail I got laid off in October, so I took a badly needed rest, and got back into the job search in May. It... hasn't gone well so far. :/

@likethebird Welcome aboard! Glad to see that this is a place you can potentially spend time in that isn't FB. :)

parental units, us pandemic response 

@epilanthanomai It's justified. The hardest-hit counties (Broward, Dade, Palm Beach) have more stringent rules, but many of the other counties are like "Spike? What spike? Covid is over; DeSantis is awesome". It's a bit maddening.

new user checkins 

@epilanthanomai Well, you probably have more of a handle on it than I do. I've just learned of the changes in ES6 (actual classes, arrow functions, etc.), got exposed to Node.js and all its hubbub, and React is a thing. TBT I'll probably deploy a personal project under the above, but so much new documentation to get through first. XD

Holy sweet Jeebus, I just relogged into my LJ after *years*... so many years, in fact, that I had a post entitled "Trump Coup" and it really was all about Bridge (and not, you know, His Orangeness).

new user checkins 

@epilanthanomai ::lollerskates:: Yesterday was research on new (relative to my 2014 knowledge) web technologies ending with a friend looping other friends in on a conference call to announce that he would be transitioning to a woman. Today was research, social media, and talking to/delivering dinner to my dad. Tragically he thinks the virus is "just about done" (nevermind FL's spike in cases) but at least understood that I wasn't about to take chances (esp. since he likes bars).

new user checkins 

@roadriverrail @epilanthanomai Mm, okay. LJ for me was much less about shared interests and more about who I was hanging with at the time. Which is why the vast majority of my content was what I was doing that weekend, peppered with Bridge posts. XD

new user checkins 

@epilanthanomai I didn't really dive in yet as everything just looks confusing, but I'm fighting mental panic/paralysis with new stuff here along with RL stuff. But thank you for checking!

@scalene @roadriverrail @epilanthanomai @Geekgenesis Probably BT's Emotional Technology. I'm one of those people that can't have a deeply loved album just run in the background because I'll just get hijacked by it, so the vast majority of my music listening has been a few channels on Digitally Imported -- good stuff, but not stuff I'm going to carry in me.

@roadriverrail Thank you for the warm welcome. I really appreciate it. :)

Hi everyone! ::waves:: (Also, the first time I tried to send this message, my router decided to reset, so hoping that's not an omen XD)

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