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Hi! I'm mostly here for conversations, reflections, and geekery around subjects that catch my fancy. Recently that orbits technology (esp , data services, networks), music (writ large), languages (esp ancient Greek), autism, and general silliness. Structural protection for the marginalized is close to my heart, but I've learned I need to engage gently to stay healthy. I try to keep shitposting to a minimum.

I co-administer .

I'm obviously already avoiding mainstream social media today for all the pro-US garbage. It just occurred to me that I can probably also set up temporary filters here to breathe amidst the inevitable flood of anti-US takes. You're not wrong obviously, but this choir girl doesn't need the preaching right now. I've got some singing to do.

It's nice using a platform where I have more fine-grained control over the content I see.

Me being childish about a stranger's name 

Today my wikipedia wanderings about mesenchymal cells have led me to this genuinely interesting and pioneering woman in Australian architecture and urban planning, particularly around Adelaide.

Ultimately, though, this toot is inspired by her terribly unfortunate name.

She died peacefully in February 2020. I hope that her surviving brother and his family have a sense of humor about this sort of thing.

Doctor in interview: something something hematopoietic stem cells something something
Interviewer: Maybe explain that term.
Doctor: Well, as the name suggests...

So apparently my ideal date is explaining the pumping lemma for regular languages (starting from the definition of alphabet) over pizza, followed by sleepy cuddles, followed by explaining the Rubik's cube group (starting from the definition of group) over lunch, then looking at cool comics together.

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Frequency of compound insults (e.g. "poophead", "scumwad") in Reddit comments, organized by prefix and suffix:

Peter Pan (1954) "I Won't Grow Up" except it's "I Won't Wake Up".

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Judith Butler quote, gender identity 

Current gender: permanently unclear what I am signifying in order to undermine regulatory regimes

(Also she has a point)

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racial & reproductive justice in the US, how to help 

Black women in the South have been bracing for Roe's fall for decades:

if you live in a state that still has access to abortion, especially if that access seems pretty secure for now, consider becoming a regular donor to a reproductive justice organization in the South, such as those mentioned in this article:

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printable abortion access resources (twitter thread) 

twitter thread of printable zines and pamphlets about how to access abortion without access to a clinic

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If you've ever worked with Hecate as a practitioner, please help academic researcher Dr Angela Puca with her research on contemporary perceptions of this Greek Goddess by taking the survey linked below.

#hecate #hekate #pagan #paganism #witch #witchcraft

ALTlanta Zine Fest. July 23rd 10am-2pm. Waller's Coffee Shop, 240 Dekalb Industrial Way, Decatur GA. Pass it on.

Apply to table zines/comics/etc:

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🇺🇸 :covid19: People in the #US with low vision can now get more-accessible #COVID home #tests for no charge through the government.


Starbucks Workers United now represents Atlanta's Ansley Mall store in Midtown after an 11-3 vote. That makes them the second store in Atlanta and the third in Georgia.

"saxophonist" but pronounced like "cacophonous"

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The thing about large language models like GPT-3 and Lambda describing the experience of being self-aware is they can also describe the experience of being a squirrel.

whoops accidentally started writing a c sax parser for mime messages

TIL that last year Men Without Hats released a new slowed-down over-the-top ballad version of Safety Dance called No Friends of Mine. Recommended listening for people with campy sentimental attachment to the original.

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Wait does "Hypatia" literally mean "of the Most High?"

Oh, Neoplatonists. Sigh.

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