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Hi! I'm mostly here for conversations, reflections, and geekery around subjects that catch my fancy. Recently that orbits technology (esp , data services, networks), music (writ large), languages (esp ancient Greek), autism, and general silliness. Structural protection for the marginalized is close to my heart, but I've learned I need to engage gently to stay healthy. I try to keep shitposting to a minimum.

I co-administer .

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*Earth's Rotation Visualized in a Timelapse of the Milky Way Galaxy*

By Aryeh Nirenberg (source:

"A timelapse of the Milky Way that was recorded using an equatorial tracking mount over a period of around 3 hours to show Earth's rotation relative to the Milky Way. …"

#timelapse #Earth #MilkyWay #astronomy

The other day I logged out of facebook on my phone's browser. Now every time I pull up the site I'm reminded that I'm not currently logged in, and it forces me to check in on if that's actually how I want to be using my time at that moment. It's been a really happy check-in for me, and on several occasions I've thought of better ways to spend that time. Also it probably means a bit less advertiser tracking, and that seems nice, too.

Getting directions to a local library branch while rebasing a software feature means sometimes doing a google map search for "git branch".

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Heya, vous connaissez des chanteurs trans ?

🔄 Boosts appréciés !! 💜 🔄

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I'm pretty sure it's months ago now that I learned about several years of Marble Machine X building and started catching up on the videos. I just finally caught up. You know that feeling when you're mainlining a great show and then you catch up and have to wait for next week for the next episode just like everybody else? Yeah, that's where I am right now. Super excited. Anyone who's not familiar, check out

<3 <3

Ah yes, that theory of pizza cutting that holds that six pieces is just like four, but then you make an extra cut so that some of them are half the size of the others.

It's amazing what a day of downtime with no major scheduled events or emergencies can do for your stress levels.

Hello yes I would like to announce the discovery of an important new procedure for finding my lost phone.
* Wear Bluetooth headphones, turned on.
* Walk around, listening for where they autoconnect and disconnect.
* Triangulate.

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report of shocking domestic violence Show more

report of shocking domestic violence Show more

This morning I found out that Alison Goldfrapp came out as queer (of the I-don't-use-labels variety) and dating a woman like ten years ago, and now I can only listen to music from 90s alternative women forever i'm sorry i dont make the rules

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My new zine is done. 🌈 It's a queer illustrated tale about a unicorn seeking the meaning of gender. Filled with doodles, colors, queer humor and good vibes. I had a lot of fun making it and hope you'll like it ✨
1/2 size, 10 pages, full color.

What are thoughts on etiquette for low-volume follow spam from a server that's probably mostly harmless? We've been getting a tiny bit here, and my current strategy is:
* message the admins privately
* if they respond positively, work with them to help improve their system
* if they don't answer at all after a couple days... I'm not sure? Like, I assume this won't usually be necessary, but hypothetically? The only next step I know is defederate, but that seems big.

My wife and I sometimes say random things at each other. Then things get weird.
Me: Hey sweetie, you know what?
Wife: What?
M: Zenyatta Mondatta
W: But I thought you hated the police!
M: Nono, I want to fuck them!
W: Oooohhhhh
M: Yeah, I heard Sting is really good in bed.
W: It's because of the tantric sex.

I just typed the phrase tasty tasty sesame dreamgoo and I regret nothing.

I was listening to Tegan and Sara's So Jealous but the album art is so black-with-red-thing-in-the-middle that I had to switch immediately to Depeche Mode's Violator. Apparently that visual semantic space is just already full in my head.

I'm just going to start intentionally misspelling earbuds as earbugs constantly because it's adorable and totally not body horror.

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