Listening to Sinéad O'Connor's "The Lion and the Cobra" today. TIL the Irish intro to "Never Get Old" was recorded by Enya. Sinéad's album (whose title came from the English version of this Psalms quote) came out several months after Enya's first full-length solo album.

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Plural folks, I'd like to learn more but I'd prefer to learn from y'all instead of outsiders observing/commenting/projecting. Are there any sources you'd recommend?

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So I missed Billie Eilish when she released her first single a couple years ago. But she just released her first LP a couple weeks ago and I just stumbled on it last night and I kinda heart it.

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Yesterday's pollen count was the fifth highest recorded (not sure when they started recording) at over 6500 particles per cubic meter.

TIL W3CDTF timestamps must have tz info! ISO 8601 (which W3CDTF is a subset of) doesn't require them, but W3CDTF explicitly does. Handy!

Yesterday a real work conversation cited a Weird Al polka as a valuable test case for a new feature.

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TFW you start your favorite album and then get distracted at a thing and forget that you're listening to music at all until like four songs later.

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Ahh bloody hell.

That guy who makes the sarcastic alien comics? He’s anti-abortion, march for life sort.

I’m not going to link the post cause it’s gross.

Just an FYI cause I know people like those comics and I see them posted here on the regular. You will have to decide for yourself if you want to separate the art from the artist.

For me, I can’t. And I certainly won’t be giving him money.

Just had a phone chat with my dad, where I mentioned that I might be , and his reaction was basically a mildly surprised, "Oh, yeah, that actually sorta makes sense."

I'm done with . I sorta don't hate them, but they just disabled my 7-year account until I reset my password for afaict no reason, and they won't let me do that because it relies on the email address I set up seven years ago that doesn't exist anymore. And it's just not worth starting another account.

I know I'm late to the party, but I just stumbled across and just yes.

jeeeeez I forgot how much terrible ridiculous non-removable bloatware is on most phones

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TFW the explanation for a work bug goes back to when your teammates were kids.

Reminder to self: Writing code makes me much happier and more productive than planning a million contingency plans for data that may or may not ever exist.

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