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Ladytron and Thrill Kill Kult both released new albums on Friday. Today--the day I actually looked at the new releases whoops--will be a good day.

"It's interesting that beefy people are strong and porky people are fat. I wonder what chickeny people are." --teh wife

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Uh so this seems relevant to like... all y'all's interests. From my Swedish friend: "You *need* to give Hatari a look! Icelandic socialist BDSM-electro-punk."

CW at the link: flashing lights, bondage, flogging, nudity


In my sci fi afterlife fantasy General Space Mom and Very Good Mars Boy are out roving the galaxy, finding all the good parts, and building a hella gay space rebellion.

Wait Combichrist is based in Atlanta? I had no idea!!

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The problem is some books help you exist in your skin and some books help you exist out of your skin, and it's impossible to know which is which until you read them

NIN's "Kinda I Want To" except "Kitten I like you."

"Basements usually smell like surrealism. But kitchens and gardens almost always smell like impressionism. Because our kitchen is part of a basement apartment, it smells like the early impressionism of Vincent van Gogh--all big strokes of umber and ochre--a peppery greasy I-love-you smell."

-Emil Ferris, _My Favorite Thing Is Monsters_

Stuffing Friday's new Front Line Assembly in my ears today and unghf it's hard not to dance while i code today

My wife intentionally mispronounces Alien Sex Fiend as Alien Sex Friend and it is the most perfect thing.

TIL the proprietor of the early eighties London Batcave (and lead singer of Specimen) grew into a psytrance musician.

Setting up for Peter Murphy & David J @The Masquerade

I'm like maybe thirty pages into My Favorite Thing Is Monsters and *loving* it. Blown away wow.

wife: I'm the eye in the sky, looking at you.
me: Wait can you read my mind?
her (simultaneously): I can read your mind.

Who's building the fediverse? What parts of it is Oregon Trailers like me who remember the internet before corporate centralized dominance, and what part of it is Millennials and Zs who have always lived in it and are trying to escape?

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