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Hi! I'm mostly here for conversations, reflections, and geekery around subjects that catch my fancy. Recently that orbits technology (esp , data services, networks), music (writ large), languages (esp ancient Greek), autism, and general silliness. Structural protection for the marginalized is close to my heart, but I've learned I need to engage gently to stay healthy. I try to keep shitposting to a minimum.

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uspol gapol police alternative 

Here's an org doing work to build alternatives to policing for some problems. They probably wouldn't have been able to save the person near my house yesterday, but the other one might have survived if they had something like this in their area.

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uspol gapol police killing, sui mention 

Cops killed two more people in GA yesterday. One was 2mi from my house. The victim was a murder suspect, so we can assume there'll be no consequences for the cops.

"The incident marks the 77th officer-involved shooting the GBI has been asked to investigate this year and the second on Wednesday."

The first one they killed yesterday was a call to help a suicidal person. That one was far from my house.

Abolish. Now.

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The Ballad of #Mulan

- A translation into iambic pentameter


Hark to the sound of murmurs fill the room;
Mulan before the door does toil at loom.
The shuttle slacks; the clacking silent falls,
The only sound the maid’s lamenting call.


You wonder where the maiden’s thoughts may bend,
What memory might her give such sweet torment.
Yet no phantasm grips her sturdy heart,
Nor does remembrance cause her aught of doubt.

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草 is the Japanese character meaning "grass" but online it's slang for "LOL". The Japanese verb "to laugh" is 笑う(warau) which would be abbreviated online as "w" which, when repeated for emphasis (wwwwww), looks kinda like grass, so 草 started being used to represent laughter online as well.

software eng humor 

sticker suggestion:

"Can't we just..." Considered Harmful

weird tech/language meta silliness 

Which. To be clear. Is downright *hilarious*.

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weird tech/language meta silliness 

So I've been watching a buncha videos about the language lately and now every time I see an sk in a word my brain makes it sound sorta like English sh. Which is all cute and fun, except that now reads in my head as Tooshie.

I was today days old when I learned there's a ~million-person Russian territory (Kaliningrad) between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea.

ttrpg session report 

Playing . Currently our story is like Grease, but as a high school drama anime. In a spirit-world analog of space, set on Jupiter Station Two. The Quasars are led by Ford Lincoln Mercury and drive space cars that are reincarnated spirits of past drivers. Rockette leads the rival gang, the Rockers, whose space cars are animist spirits coming from the asteroid belts. The show follows Rocker newbie Scion Dodge Saturn, who is (of course) madly in love with Ford.

Maaaan today I learned that one of my coworkers did some undergrad work in digital humanities, and now I'm reeeally jonezing for my old library code days.

pagan shitpost 

knuckle tats:

paganposting, being out 

Honestly I sorta wish I were more visibly pagan in daily life. For me visibility isn't just a coming out: It's a standing invitation for others who would be more out if they could, and I want to invite that.

I'm not sure there are many symbols that the general pagan world recognizes as specifically Hellenic polytheist. Symbols related to particular gods might be easier, but I can't imagine wearing a ton of them. I'll have to think about what it means to flag pagan. Hmm.

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paganposting, mild 

The granola ladies who are clearing out our kudzu wished us a happy Fall Equinox. They even capitalized it, and they never randomly capitalize words. Technically equinoxes aren't a part of the pagan religion stuff that I do, but I figured it sounded like enough of a coming out that I found a way to namecheck Mabon in our response.


TIL the -lyte in proselytize isn't related to the -lyte in electrolyte.

Electrolyte (along with other scientific -lyte words) is from λυώ luō/loosen or free or split. Proselytize is from ἐλήλυθα elēlytha, the perfect tense of ἔρχομαι erkhomai/come.

"Electrolyte" (according to the 19th century people who first used the word) is what you get when you use electricity to break things up. To "proselytize" is to make proselytes--people who have come over to a new religion or way of life.

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Anyone here on ? I've been chatting with Sonja Lang and she says that there is a toki pona community there.

uspol rbg resistbot 

If you're the sort to consider using resistbot:

text SIGN NTFIEZ to 50409 to send a message to your senators asking them not to replace rbg until after the next president is in office, like they did 4 years ago.

Don't @ me with criticisms of resistbot. I know.

abolish bosses tbh 

Manager-looking person: *delivers my food to my car, starts to walk away*
Me: *holds out some cash* Y'all accepting tips?
Him: Oh, no thanks.
Me: ... Um... You sure?
Him: Oh... Um... Okay, yeah, I guess the girls inside might appreciate it.

Yeah. Yeah, I bet they would.

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Does anyone know anything about Oregon State University and Corvallis, OR?

They've got a job opening that I think I'd be *perfect* for but I know *nothing* about what parts of the US are what, and which parts are scary and rural and which parts are like Seattle.

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