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Hi! I'm mostly here for conversations, reflections, and geekery around subjects that catch my fancy. Recently that orbits technology (esp , data services, networks), music (writ large), languages (esp ancient Greek), autism, and general silliness. Structural protection for the marginalized is close to my heart, but I've learned I need to engage gently to stay healthy. I try to keep shitposting to a minimum.

I co-administer .

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The National Centre for Transgender Equality's staff have just unionised.

Congratulations to them on their successful unionisation drive.

And side eye to the management for whatever precipitated this.

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"Avoid the month Lenaeon [Jan-Feb], wretched days, all of them fit to skin an ox, and the frosts which are cruel when Boreas blows over the earth. . . Finish your work and return home ahead of him, and do not let the dark cloud from heaven wrap round you and make your body clammy and soak your clothes. Avoid it; for this is the hardest month, wintry, hard for sheep and hard for men. In this season let your oxen have half their usual food, but let your man have more; for the helpful nights are long. Observe all this until the year is ended and you have nights and days of equal length, and Earth, the mother of all, bears again her various fruit."
— Works and Days, Hesiod trans. Hugh G. Evelyn-White

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hello trans people of online. i've got this size L postsurgical compression vest and i would LOVE for it to be on a person who needs it for top surgery recovery, instead of taking up space in my underwear drawer!

will send you this for free in US, happy to talk about shipping elsewhere

unix nerdery 

Man, I haven't done this much `join <(foo | awk '...') <(bar | awk '...') | awk '...' | sort` in probably literally forever.

It's a good feeling.

90s lyrics shitpost/kink 

The lyrics of the Foo Fighters' "Everlong" tell a story of orgasm denial, consensual non-consent, breath control, predicament bondage, and parent/little play. In this essay I

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Year progress: ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ 100.0%

In the last few lectures all that theory suddenly started spewing out weird and fascinating consequences, so much that I'm pausing every few minutes to try to catch up on the bits that I skimmed at the beginning. I'm definitely going to have to re-listen to this entire lecture series now that I'm getting a feel for where it's going.

Anyway in other news I'm probably gonna learn LaTeX finally. Yaknow, in all that free time I don't have.


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I started out these lectures tuning out a lot: These lectures started out heavy on techniques for number crunching, mostly trivially automatable. Somewhere along the way it shifted into heavy theoretical exploration, often with few clean or surprising consequences. Those were a little more interesting but didn't leave me much to grab onto.


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Now, my brain has certain kinds of math that feel "boring" (concrete repeatable number crunching), and other kinds that feel "fascinating" (heavy theory with surprising consequences, especially when those consequences lie in concrete domains).


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Linear algebra is exploding my brain a little.

I've been listening to math and compsci lectures lately in the background while doing other tasks. I never actually got a uni degree (I've been coasting on experience), so some of the material is stuff I've picked up along the way, while some of it is new to me.


Anyone know what the drum machine was on "Hooked on Classics?" I assume it was either an LM-1 or a DMX--There weren't a lot of options in 1981--but I don't know the samples in those to identify it.

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when you're faceblind and trans and whenever you see the movie poster for a cishet romcom you can only see it as the same character transitioning

computer science, lewd, caps 



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computer science, lewd 

this university lecture series is talking about dynamic programming, and without any smirk at all they keep talking about dp and i just

I was today years old when I realized the visual design of the 1979 London Calling cover is a reference to Elvis's self-titled debut 23 years earlier.

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my kid just figured out how to put a full debian install on his school-issued locked-down chromebook. the first thing he did was install firefox which lets him bypass the school content blocker system (they did this as a browser extension rather than an OS-level firewall, oops). second thing was to put ublock origin on it, since somehow the school locked all the students out of installing ad blockers. (I know, right?)

anyway he's pretty stoked about it and wanting to learn more. he likes learning thru videos; can anyone recommend a video series for command-line basics? he's got some basic programming experience in Lua and knows HTML but has only very rudimentary shell exposure.

TIL about the traditions of the Gävlebocken. Thank you, Fediverse, for bringing this warmth and light into my day.

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trans, WPATH SOC 8, ** feedback period extended ** 

"The Standards of Care Version 8 Chair Eli Coleman and Co-Chairs Asa Radix and Jon Arcelus have received multiple requests to extend the public comment period. As a result, we have agreed to extend the comment period until Sunday, January 16 2022, at 11:59pm GMT."

This is important, as there are serious grounds for concern over the current draft, which will impact trans care worldwide for the next decade:

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