uspol +, polyamory 

The city council of Somerville, MA just voted unanimously to remove the limit of two people in a domestic partnership, effectively providing legal recognition to polyamorous relationships.

via @Stronae

uspol +, polyamory 

@epilanthanomai @Stronae @c0debabe i lived there for six years! so proud 😭 :polyamory:

uspol +, polyamory 

@epilanthanomai @Stronae here in Chile we still don't have marriage equality, even less any legal framework for polyamory, but there is a little 'hackable' element that this reminded of: to the census, a 'home' is any group of people that provide food and cook together, regardless of blood links or even addresses. If we were to replace all mentions of 'family' with 'home' in the law, we would have an astronomical jump on equal rights.

re: uspol +, polyamory 

@epilanthanomai @Stronae woah! Awesome! 💞 :qfPolyam:

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