Where's my gardener mufos, and who should I meet? I'm a total newbie and starting to garden. And by starting to garden I mean both researching what to plant for my first ever kitchen herb containers in a couple weeks and also recently hired some professional advice on how to progressively turn my yard into a permaculture food forest in upcoming years. I'd love to see more posts from other n00bz and from experienced gardners who like helping us learn. Bonus if southeast US (7b/8a boundary).

@epilanthanomai @benhamill I’m in zone 10 and I love having green onions (get the kind with roots from the grocery, don’t eat the white part, put it in a jar with water until you see a green bit, plant in dirt) and garlic (plant the clove from the middle of the bulb that’s not worth the effort to peel, I eat the green shoots because I haven’t managed to harvest a bulb)


@bonzoesc OMG I haven't even checked as far ahead as autumn planting but garlic is *very* exciting :-)

Green onions sounds delicious too, but I thiiiink my first early spring is going to be focused on oregano so I don't get too overwhelmed.

Okay, I might also start researching roses. But, like, one new food at a time I think. :-)

@epilanthanomai with the allia (onions, garlic, etc.) i mostly just let them do their thing, not a lot of attention or effort paid until I’m cooking something and head outside with the clippers

@bonzoesc Low maintenance is a huge plus (almost a requirement) for me! Looking forward to garlic in the fall, and probably chives next year.

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