Where's my gardener mufos, and who should I meet? I'm a total newbie and starting to garden. And by starting to garden I mean both researching what to plant for my first ever kitchen herb containers in a couple weeks and also recently hired some professional advice on how to progressively turn my yard into a permaculture food forest in upcoming years. I'd love to see more posts from other n00bz and from experienced gardners who like helping us learn. Bonus if southeast US (7b/8a boundary).

@epilanthanomai southern exposure seed exchange has some growing guides for your area! If you’re interested in permaculture I’d prob check out the seed saving & biodiversity ones southernexposure.com/growing-g

Their links page also has a ton of other resources you might find interesting/useful as well


@Satsuma Oh cool, thanks! I recently learned I live near Beach Hollow Farms warehouse/distribution center beechhollowfarms.com/ , and Nearly Native Farms aren't too terribly far away from me nearlynativenursery.com/ , but more recommendations are certainly always welcome!

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