Where's my gardener mufos, and who should I meet? I'm a total newbie and starting to garden. And by starting to garden I mean both researching what to plant for my first ever kitchen herb containers in a couple weeks and also recently hired some professional advice on how to progressively turn my yard into a permaculture food forest in upcoming years. I'd love to see more posts from other n00bz and from experienced gardners who like helping us learn. Bonus if southeast US (7b/8a boundary).

@epilanthanomai southern exposure seed exchange has some growing guides for your area! If you’re interested in permaculture I’d prob check out the seed saving & biodiversity ones southernexposure.com/growing-g

Their links page also has a ton of other resources you might find interesting/useful as well

@epilanthanomai i have a very small amount of available garden space & what i do have is mostly deep shade so i don’t post a *ton* of gardening content, but i’ve got a decent patch of herbs which i really enjoy

Thyme and rosemary are both perennials so they’ll come back year after year once you’ve gotten them established & don’t take much work. Of the annuals, i got the best effort > reward return with basil, while parsley & cilantro were both a lot more finicky & prone to bolting

@Satsuma Good to know! Do you mind sharing what part of the world you're in (or at least what climate)?

Basil is a strong contender for a late spring expansion for my garden. And rosemary and thyme are high on the list for future seasons. I've decided for my first early planting I'm going to start with just one herb (oregano) and one rose bush. I figure with all the new habits I'm going to have to build, it's best if I don't overwhelm myself trying to learn a ton of plants all at once :-)

@epilanthanomai starting small is definitely a good idea! It’s a lot easier to focus on getting one thing right than a lot of things half right (which in gardening terms can sometimes mean a dead plant)

I’m north of you by a fair bit i think? (philadelphia, zone seven) but it’s been p warm & rainy these past few years so it feels like we’re south of that, planting-wise lol


@Satsuma Ah, yep a good bit north. I'm in Atlanta, just at the cusp of 7b and 8a.

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@epilanthanomai honestly i hadn’t realized any of Georgia was zone 7 before i checked the map haha. I guess the coastal warming effect is stronger than I’d thought

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