Reminder that your domain hack or vanity domain probably funds either Verisign or Etisalat (look em up).

I didn't look up .codes before we grabbed it. It and a number of other new tlds common on fedi were owned by private equity firm Abry Partners, though Abry owners are "selling" it to another company they own, Ethos Capital. You might remember them as the private shell company that tried to buy up .org (and were rejected) in 2019.

.org is still owned by a nonprofit (despite Ethos's 2019 bid).

.coop is owned by the NCBA and other coop-support nonprofits.

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@roadriverrail To be clear, I'm not saying we should abandon I'm also not retiring my personal .net (from Verisign). No ethical consumption under capitalism etc etc. Mostly just trying to remember to be more intentional about it when I can in the future.

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@epilanthanomai I get you 100%. I just... hadn't even thought of it!

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