schratze is asleep, post incorrect uses of linguistic terms

@epilanthanomai @balrogboogie a glottal stop is when you decide learning a language is not worthwhile. If you were studying more than one languages, it's a polyglottal stop.

@cadadr @epilanthanomai Velum is a plush, knitted fabric or textile similar to velvet or velveteen

@balrogboogie @epilanthanomai the Blade of the Tongue is a mythical sword that has the earliest written specimen of Our Secret Language etched onto it


@cadadr @balrogboogie Vocal fry is when your greasy dinner outing gets a little too chatty.

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@epilanthanomai @cadadr @balrogboogie I thought it was when singing metal vocals without proper training fried your vocal cords.

@ljwrites @epilanthanomai @balrogboogie in American english it may also mean a speaking youngling of fish or frog

@cadadr @epilanthanomai @balrogboogie and, colloquially and a little archaically, "fry" can also mean human young (though I believe mine is more fish or frog)

@cadadr @ljwrites @epilanthanomai yes, in fact that's the origin of the phrase "a frog in my throat," popular in some rural regions of the US

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