Hey classics nerds. A friend pointed out that "power dynamic" is a bit redundant since "dynamic" comes from Attic δύναμις, which means power. A couple of us promptly nerded out about how not really thanks to the difference between δύναμις and ἐξουσία, but it raised the question: What vocabulary did Greeks in classical antiquity use to talk about differences in power and their impact on social relations? Like, could there be an Attic translation of what we mean in sociology by "power dynamic?"

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@juliana @epilanthanomai maybe ἐξουσιαστικὴ δύναμις (attested in LSJ s.v. ἐξουσιαστικός) or flipping it, δυναμικὴ ἐξουσία?

I am not an expert in this by any means (definitely not Athenian society in general) but those may work? ἕξις could be used for "dynamic" too perhaps (since as far as I know, "dynamic" in this context really just refers to a "state of being")?

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