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Comfy evening improving metadata for my comic collection at @inventaire . <3

oh my god someone on another social media site just pluralized terf as terves and i am literally dying

Y'all. My extended polycule is basically the best. 2020 is off to a really amazing wonderful start. <3

decade new years are magical specifically because zeros are the fundamental essence of nonexistence and are thus a fundamental black hole of liminality pass it on

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Picked up a copy of Breathers issue #1 today from my local comic shop. Liking it so far. Definitely left itching for #2. Hopefully it'll be out soon.

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me: i wonder what would happen if i trained the neural net gpt-2 on christmas carols?

me: ...

me: oh NO

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So who are some trans positive British fantasy writers?

I know Pratchett had some good nb and gender nonconforming characters in noby nobs and pepay.

And ben arranovich includes some good trans characters in his rivers of London series.

Office gender neutral restroom frequently in use (v likely with cis folks who want privacy), making it hard for a nonbinary coworker to pee without misgendering themself. Any suggestions for how to gently communicate that there's a nonbinary person in the office who they're making things hard for?

Workers are asking supporters to share the news and to ask board members to voluntarily recognize the union.

Atlanta queers: The Rush Center are unfortunately union busting. Workers voted for a union. BoD is refusing to recognize it and fired an organizer.

How am I only just now digging into Aurora. <3

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