Is there a good alternative to Google Calendar? Just need something simple that isn't selling my data to a broker. @switchingsocial

@PhilthePill @switchingsocial

I would also love an alternative to Google calendar. I just found but it seems to be still in development...

@switchingsocial @jez @PhilthePill @calendar_social If you're ready to pay (1 €/month) and get an email service for the same price, I could recommend

If you're ready to self-host, you can always install Nextcloud and use its calendar app.

These are in no way the only options, but I've found these to be good myself.

@Stoori @jez @PhilthePill @calendar_social

Just to emphasise, you don't need to self-host to use Nextcloud.

There are many easy-to-use hosting companies offering Nextcloud accounts, e.g.,, etc.

You can sign up for Nextcloud just like signing up for email.


@switchingsocial @Stoori @PhilthePill

Thanks for the tips! I have seen mentioned in a few search results on the topic. I plan to check it out this week. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ“…

@jez @switchingsocial @Stoori @PhilthePill can confirm, Nextcloud calendar is the shit. The web client is decent but nothing too exciting, the fact that every and any client that understands CalDAV or ICS can communicate with it is absolutely amazing.

And that's before you do the same with your contacts.

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