Storyteller: "The Brujah anarch looms over you, casually spinning a tire iron in his hand. He flicks back his hair and bares his fangs. What do you do?"


Storyteller: ((tosses die)) "You have failed your rouse check and gain one hunger. The Beast claws up your spine until you feel it in your throat, growling."


Storyteller: "Indeed. Strength + Brawl, please."

"Now some people would say, 'This glass is empty.' But other people would say, 'This glass hasn't been filled yet, but when it has, I'll like what's in it!' Those are the people we're looking for. The people who look on the bright side. The people who want to like things." --Michael Peppe, "AD"

This might be sign that I'm becoming a fossil, but I am regularly confused when I discover that Ubuntu doesn't include lynx by default.

Hi, ! We had a short-ish outage today when our AWS instance got high and wandered off. I was able to restart it sooner than usual because we have service alarms now! :)

@epilanthanomai You've got a powerful knowledge of music. I presume you've heard "New York, New York" by MCL before?

Hi, ! We apologize for the outage that appeared to last through most of last night. Our AWS hosted machine became unreachable, but a reboot seems to have brought it back up.


Hello there, I'm REZ.

I'm a demoscener since 1993, actually member of a group named RAZOR 1911 as coder.

I'm still living in the 80's, that's probably why I love so much big pixels and lowfi musics!

One of my latest work was a software 3D engine running on the lovely PICO-8 fantasy console:

*sheepishly goes up to the recruiter* is... there a bottom internship?

> We have computed the very first chosen-prefix collision for SHA-1. In a nutshell, this means a complete and practical break of the SHA-1 hash function, with dangerous practical implications if you are still using this hash function. To put it in another way: all attacks that are practical on MD5 are now also practical on SHA-1. Check our paper here for more details.

The Wisdom Chicken Party Hotline is now operational at (419) 405-6058. Call now with your party hotline needs! Operators may be standing by!

"The purpose of video games is to make the player feel awesome. It is not for the designer to feel awesome"

The weirdest and spookiest of the three was the heavily intoxicated young man who repeatedly told me I was in the men's line when I could see the urinals and was trying to pick one. Then, when I gave him my "Why are you talking to me?" stare, he asked "Wait, you're a man?" when I kept giving him the look, he walked away yelling "Awkward!". Y'all, I'm not even that femme. Just long hair and mascara. WTF?!

Hunh. Just had my bathroom usage policed three times in one trip. And that's the first time I've had that. Freaky. Kinda spooky, too.

You are not the monster that your abusers would have you believe that you are. A lot of life, for a lot of people, is about circumstances and being taught a doctrine of self-reliance and personal responsibility that is completely out of proportion for the real world we live in. Or similarly, religious frameworks that teach us from a young age that bad things happen to bad people because they deserve it. And that “victim” is either something that you are “playing” or something that defines you

I'm super stoked to find that Nicole Blackman's screed, "Indictment" , has surfaced on the Internet Archive.

Over the weekend, someone presumed me gender non-conforming based entirely on my presence. It gave me one of the nicest feels I've had in months.

"Get 'em while they're young" is an important policy to any mass delusion, and the Conspiracy is no exception. It is critical to tie down precocious minds so they either stay onside or are so tied in knots they don't participate. One of the Conspiracy's most important tools is identifying precocious youth as "gifted" and filling them with extra rules and great expectations so they spend the rest of their lives either as powerful Conspiracy lieutenants or crushed by anxiety so they don't fight.

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