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Heya, gang! We're now upgraded to Mastodon 3.2.0, all the latest and greatest to our hearts' contoot!

After far too many months away from it, I finally added NES 6502 instructional labs for playing with the audio synthesizers and reading from the controls! #6502

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Gender-based market segmentation kills trans people.

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uspol, race, celebrity death, covid 

White people need to be boosting Black takes on Herman Cain.

I'm really wanting to sink my teeth into a new or project, but I'm having a hard time deciding what. I don't have tons of free time, so it needs to be achievable on fairly limited time. I can always go back to coding up more NES 6502 assembly demos, but something more hands-on would be more engaging.

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being a senior software engineer means being able to architect an entire end-to-end application in your head but having to Google how to check if a JS array contains an element because you can only remember how to do it in three other languages

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Ooookay! is, at least in theory, now upgraded to Mastodon v3.1.5, which should leave us sitting easy when v3.2.0 stabilizes. Better media uploads, better search, better moderation. It's a new day!

I'm getting ready to upgrade us onto Mastodon 3.0 and, hopefully, to the 3.1 version series. During this time, we'll be on a short outage. Wish me luck!

I can't stress enough how much joy I get from a quick swim in my pool on summer days.

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I wrote a thing on my (mostly tired) feelings about #InternationalNonbinaryDay (and other queer days of visibility). I'd love for a lot of people to read it.

Weird fact about me-- I'm a cricket fan (go West Indies!). Since your average US cricket fan is likely Indian, when big cricket matches are on, I see a *lot* of advertisements for what is a presumably Indian immigrant/expat audience. It's interesting to observe.

Hey, ! Sorry for the short outage today. We ran out of space on the disk, in part because of the backups I left lying around from the upgrades. We should be back to working condition now.

gang, please note that you can now do away with the Tweetdeck-style multi-column format if you want! To do so, edit your Preferences. In the "Appearance" section, un-check the box that says "enable advanced web UI". You'll have a single-column UI after that.

Okay, , we're upgraded to Mastodon 2.9.4 and I'm going to call it a night on that note, since going to 3.0 takes more time to do.

Okay, , our upgrade to 2.8.3 seems to have gone over without anything catching fire. I'm going to bring everything down one more time to move us into the 2.9 versions before calling it a night.

Heya there, friends! I'm going to take a shot at some upgrades, so you're likely to see a little instability for the next short while. I'll let everyone know when order has been restored.

You know what our world sorely needs right now? A trip-hop revival.

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uspol +, polyamory 

The city council of Somerville, MA just voted unanimously to remove the limit of two people in a domestic partnership, effectively providing legal recognition to polyamorous relationships.

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