So many surprising, revealing, and delighting experiences from . I'm having a hard time beginning with processing them all. I'm not sure I'll be the same again.

@epilanthanomai It might work better to talk in a more high-bandwidth medium, but broadly, it circles around adopting a fairly gender neutral scene name, participating in scenes in ways I haven't before, and a weekend of not having my defenses up all the time.

@roadriverrail That sounds amazing! Definitely looking forward to hearing more.

@epilanthanomai Sure! We haven't been seeing each other in person lately, so dunno when that'll happen. I'll be writing some of it down in my Fet, though.

@roadriverrail We'll, I'll just have to make time to see you in person more. Unfortunately I'm off FetLife: My password just mysteriously stopped working one day, and the site won't let me reset it. I assume my account is attached to an ancient email address I can't access anymore. tbh I'm getting kinda sick of centralized ad-driven services anyway.

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