@neauoire OMG HELLO FELLOW 6502 NERD! I've been doing NES coding on the side to learn more about the 6502!

@Rev_Couchsloth 👋 I love it, it has been my hobby this holiday season.

@neauoire I'd love to hear more about your project, if you don't mind. Could you ping me over at @roadriverrail?

@Rev_Couchsloth @roadriverrail Sure, I've been learning asm6502 to build a couple of audio/visual tools.

I share my experiments on here each day.

@neauoire Thanks for replying over here! I'll enjoy looking over your notes and project. Here's my NES 6502 projects repo. Obvs, I went with the NES for nostalgia factor and because it gives a dedicated GPU to work with.

@roadriverrail those are very cool! I'll take them for a spin :) First time I see repo forks used like that.

@neauoire Oh, the branches? That was just something I did to have a little clean isolation. The master branch should still have every one of my labs in it.

@roadriverrail I looove your examples and makefiles. Very clear, straight to the point. I will be using them in the future! thank you so much for these.

@neauoire I'm glad my little NES lab exercises could be of benefit. The NESdev Wiki often includes good ideas but not a lot in the way of teachable examples, so I figured I'd try to fill that gap by making my own little lab exercises myself.

@roadriverrail do you know anyone who has writing access to the devwiki? I've been meaning to improve some of the articles.

@neauoire I'm afraid I don't know how any of that works. Given the wiki's connection to the forums, and the forums being quite old, and how hard I find it to use forums effectively, I kinda gave up.

@roadriverrail I was wondering why you indent you code outside of subroutines? Do you have a resource on styleguide?

@neauoire I don't have a style guide; there's very little to really style in assembly coding. I use a style I learned from imitating others...column 1 is for declarations, labels (incl subroutines), and comments. Everything else tends to be indented. There's really not any code that isn't relative to a label, so that basically means all code is slightly indented. 😉


@neauoire A linter for assembly? FANCY! There are probably many sane ways to format assembly. Anything that makes sure you don't lose your labels, decl, and subroutines in the visual noise is probably fine. But most ASM I've seen doesn't, say, do double-indent for "nested loops" and the like.

@roadriverrail @neauoire For whatever reason, I see a fair bit of ca65 code where using the - and + auto labels does indent like that. I think to help keep the anonymous labels straight?

@treed @neauoire It could be. Like I mentioned and it upthread, I just do things that way because I've always done it that way and it keeps the instructions visually separate from the labels and other stuff. I've actually never really thought much harder on it.

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