Am I in a tiny horizon, or are there really so many people revisiting the threat and promise of technological change 80s-90s, wielding anime like Lain, trying to salvage the old alternatives, create the bunker out of Gopher or whatever, wanting to be found, at implied entry cost

@matilde no it's just our view that is skewed, everyone who's into that shit is here.

@neauoire @matilde lot of people revisiting the 80s-90s in general, but most of them stop at the aesthetics of it.

@electret @neauoire @matilde i'm in several other communities that have this going on as well. it's not just here.

@cancel @electret @matilde And it's not just retro fetishism? like people want to move forward with these ideas instead of just looking backward?

@neauoire @electret @matilde in one of the game dev communities i'm in, people are actively abandoning C++ for their real commercial projects and going back to C/C99


@cancel @neauoire @electret @matilde They're smart. C++ is objectively terrible and only started to approach "okay" as of C++14

@roadriverrail @neauoire @electret @matilde really? i think it's going backwards. i doubt i'll use a version of C++ after C++11.

@cancel @neauoire @electret @matilde I'd buy that for a dollar, but I think it's all a question of frame of reference. I remember C++ from the 90s, for example.

@roadriverrail @neauoire @electret @matilde yeah, I wouldn't want to go back to that. having the same code work on different compilers has become more important.

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