It's 2020. Why does it feel like such a goddamned miracle every time I get the network printer to work?

@roadriverrail I blame capitalism for incompatibility hell by being "efficient" and encouraging competition via proprietary protocols and conflicting settings for absolutely everything.


@epilanthanomai You're likely at least partially right, though there are examples of industries that can settle on standards, too. Why is it that printing in specific feels left behind in a time when IPX was still a thing?

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@roadriverrail I dunno enough about IPX to give a good answer. Pretty sure the default in corporate capitalist tech is to build fancy-looking proprietary mediocrity, and things that force some technologies to be otherwise are a) being born in academia b) being critical infrastructure for a wide variety of products with better profit margins, and c) enforced regulation. Consumer printers benefit from none of these.

@epilanthanomai My point about IPX wasn't to dis IPX itself, but I'll be honest...I think the state of networked printing has a lot to do with the fact that we're still living with the ghosts of protocols from the early 1990s or sooner. I actually wasn't thinking about consumer printers so much as business printers (I'm still using one from when I worked for tHat Printing giant).

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