Well, that's the first time I've ever watched my stack overflow right into the global data area. Only took 20 years of a career. Kids, this is why we have memory protection.

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@roadriverrail took me a good minute to figure out you weren't talking about stack overflow the websiite before i could actually parse that :-)

@epilanthanomai It's definitely something foreign to a lot of people, so no shock. I added a local variable in a function and suddenly unrelated code was crashing. I presumed it was a stack depth issue, but needed to confirm it by actually tracking some memory through hours of runs to finally see that, yep indeed, part of the corrupted memory contained the address of a recently called function, a sign that the overwrite was an activation frame.

@epilanthanomai Indeed even for a low-level systems hacker like me, this doesn't typically come up. Either someone's engaged hardware-backed memory protection already or I'm working on hardware so primitive that it doesn't even have a stack.

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