The morning brings some new faces to : @AccioMjolnir, Weimar-era historian and total ball of delight; @sciencensorcery, whose YouTube videos on gender helped me come out as non-binary; and @cydonia, who might want to check out @vickysteeves for some library science feeling. All these folks are close, long-term friends of me and yesterday's invitees.

To the newcomers, server business is on the hashtag and advice for finding people was posted on some recent invites!

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@roadriverrail @vickysteeves Well now I want to resurrect my old library mastodon account, lol.

@vickysteeves @roadriverrail It was but I think I had one on another instance as well. I need to go through my records and sort all this nonsense out, lol.

@vickysteeves @roadriverrail Oh man I just searched my email and apparently I had like, four different accounts on different instances at one point, lmao 😂

@roadriverrail Yay more invites!

@AccioMjolnir Nice to see you here! I think we met once at @roadriverrail's house?

@sciencensorcery Neat, would love to hear more! I call myself more-or-less-binary-it's-complicated trans, but always happy to add more YT folks to my roll. Looks like you maybe have a different user name over there?

@cydonia Hey, library folks, cool! I'm a software nerd, but I did software in libraries years ago at Emory. There's a bunch of library folks around masto.


@epilanthanomai Thanks for the welcome! Yep, I do have a YouTube account under this name but it's just my general "random personal junk" YouTube. My mostly-transition-slash-queer-related one is Celeste M, found here:

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