@Stronae Hey thanks for that! BTW, I found my abstract algebra textbook, a birthday gift from you years ago, on my shelf. I've recently been getting back into that as I wanted to learn how CRCs work and how their generator polynomials are chosen. Now I'm hunting for a good coding theory textbook.

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@roadriverrail Hehe, fantastic! Sadly my coding theory book is all xeroxes with no clues to title nor authorship. I know the graduate Springer text has a ton of codes but not sure if it sets up the theory well enough.

@Stronae Ah, gotcha. Yeah, I think I'm more interested in the theory than anything else; I'm not likely to actively use this professionally, so knowing a lot of codes doesn't necessarily help. It's more like I want to get a decent feel for how, say Reed-Solomon achieves what it does with CDs. Because it might be nice for me to know why certain engineering decisions got made in the past.

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