Attention young whipper-snappers fresh out of comp sci 101. Just because a thing is "old" does not mean it is bad. This should be obvious when you're making that argument at a 25 year old project.

Just had this exchange:
User: PHP should replace autotools with CMake. (not committing to do the work)

Me: Why? What problem does it solve? Every third party extensions would have to be updated to reflect such a change.

User: autotools is old.

Me: 🙄


@saramg LOL. I just make that face over CMake in general.

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@roadriverrail I've enjoyed using cmake in a few projects. It's not bad by any measure. It's just going have to offer something better than "lol autotools is stable" to convince me to switch a massive project used by huge userbase across too many platforms to count. :)

@saramg Chucking out something established over 20+ years without a concrete practical benefit is definitely a Bad Idea. But I'm still not really a fan of CMake and never have been. It might be that I'm not working on the kinds of projects for which it's intended.

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