family, it's been a while since we said hello to a new member. But...please extend a welcome to @in_lieu_of_fiction, an old friend of mine. He's a documentarian, silicon hacker, political satirist, civil rights activist, and one of my first inspirations for going weird. That is to say I think he'll fit right in in the Fediverse.

@in_lieu_of_fiction you may wish to pin the hashtag, since that's where we discuss business and make announcements. Welcome!

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@roadriverrail thank you, and glad to be here in hallowed harbors! not only because the web has gotten weirder than we could ever have predicted.

@epilanthanomai Thank you! I wanted to tell you, for audio editing, I've had luck with Audacity (I cut waves with CoolEdit back in the day). Don't know what's good for multitrack or midi on linux these days tho

@in_lieu_of_fiction Thanks! Audacity is nice.

If you're referring to my other thread about audio, I had installed Ubuntu Studio hoping to play with midi, with PureData, SuperCollider, and a full-featured DAW like maybe Ardour or LMMS. I might be able to get those working on mint, but Ubuntu Studio supposedly has them all configured and ready to go. That wasn't the experience I had with it, though.

@epilanthanomai same here -- although I tried Ubuntu Studio some years ago. Sadly things are still just out of reach in many pockets of the Linux media sphere. I would be editing video in BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve on Linux if the audio were sorted out -- instead, compatible card solutions cost more than an entire Cupertino cadillac

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