Ah, Lastpass. First you get all my passwords, then tell me that you'll take away my access on either my phone or computers unless I pay you. Time to find an alternative, I guess. Seems like I ought to be able to have my own self-hosted alternative, no?

@roadriverrail It's best to self-host really. I did and no regrets.


@joeo What kind of self-hosting are you doing? What software packages do you use?

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@roadriverrail A friend of mine helped me choose years ago when Flickr was in deep trouble. Blackblaze and Nextcloud are some that can be used as a backbone for any self-hosting. I use Bitwarden as the password manager of choice for that too.

There some other self-hosted password managers too to check out here: wisdomplexus.com/blogs/self-ho


@joeo Yeah, I was thinking about Nextcloud as a possibility since the hosting company I pay for my website hosting has some Nextcloud instructions. And I've seen a PW manager for Nextcloud that's got an Android app.

@roadriverrail I set up a basic nextcloud instance earlier this week for a small group. Hosted it was literally $3/mo. I can totally set up a signsandcodes one if you want. There's a few caveats on the hosted one that I can discuss with you separately.

/ @joeo

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