One of the things that really keeps retrocomputers from being real daily Internet machines is that they can't handle modern SSL/TLS. I lately am wondering if this could be solved with dedicated hardware. It turns out that SSL accelerators used to be a somewhat common card to add to a workstation. This feels solvable with an ASIC but it seems nobody's really doing it any more.

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@roadriverrail I wonder if you could off board it completely?
Could you MITM yourself?

Put an SBC on the network that can do TLS/SSL and proxy stuff through it, and your retro computer just sees the traffic stripped of the crypto

@M0YNG The answer is "Yes, absolutely, this is possible." And it's also not wholly unheard of in the computer networking models of the late 1980s and early 1990s, where you'd be connected to the Internet through beefier machines at your university/company/community org, but there's still this lingering irritation that, if I'm going through my RPi, I might as well give up on the retrocomputer and just use my RPi.

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