Is there a single defense of Stallman that focuses at all on his capacities to be an effective board member? That discusses what he brings to the table other than "he coded good back in the day"? I haven't seen it.

@roadriverrail I want him out, but are people crediting his code? I thought it was primarily his continuing championing of Free Software ideals, which seems genuine. Those don't overcome his huge problems, and I take big issue with supporters who minimize them. The position seems coherent, even though it is founded on fucked up priorities.


@epilanthanomai I have regularly seen, on Twitter, HN, and other places, arguments based on the mistaken belief that his irreplaceable contributions are of a technical nature as well as arguments that focus on his legacy of technical contributions. What I have yet to see is arguments about why he needs a board seat to be effective or how the FSF is better having him, rather than someone else, filling that board seat. I'd consider those arguments fucked up but at least worth hearing.

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