TIL H G Wells wrote an early 20th century ruleset for miniature wargaming. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_W

@epilanthanomai Complete with spring powered canons, IIRC. And there's a direct chain of influence from this to TTPRGs.

@roadriverrail Yes, I was chatting D&D history last night with a sweetie, which got me fact-checking myself and digging in a little more this morning. :-)


@epilanthanomai Aha! I should have suspected; that's usually how this factoid comes up. There's an interesting side note in that that war gaming itself likely grew out of the fairly popular hobby of making static models of battle scenes. It's a neat evolution, from "static models" to "recreating wars" to "alternate historical war" to "fantasy war" to "fantasy storytelling".

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@roadriverrail Yep. The particular transition to "fantasy war" was the one I was checking this morning. I knew Gygax and the LGTSA played a big part in that, but I didn't realize just *how* big until this morning.

Last night was more 80s TSR, which I know a little better, though I didn't know about the 1985 Williams buyout!

@epilanthanomai I have a friend, Phil Hine, who was part of the original UK fantasy wargaming crowd, the kind who would ultimately become the Games Workshop set. He has great stories about showing up at wargame club meets with cases of fantasy figurines. The old mustachioed types clinging to "proper history" were all scandalized.

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