@rek Lacking for spelt, I made my dough from a mix of white bread flour and dark rye, and alas, it turned out unworkably soft and wet. even just trying to flatten it down by hand was ripping it and it stuck to literally everything. Plus I don't have a fume hood and the pan smoke filled the house. Mission aborted.

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@roadriverrail Yea it's a rly wet and sticky dough. I flour the area a lot and roll each chunk of dough into it, nowadays i don't even shape it with a rolling pin... i just leave it as a chunk and when I stick it into the pan, i just take it with my hands, stretch it out quickly with my fingers and lay it in the pan. Tho tearing chunks of dough from the main ball is very, very sticky :>. Yea i don't have a hood either so i just leave the door open XD...

@roadriverrail My ratios may be off, next time I do the recipe I'll experiment with less water :>

@rek yeah, this one was just over-hydrated and too loose to even hand-form. I hand-form pizza every week so I'm used to it and this was too wet. I'll hold off trying again until the kitchen is properly ventilated, though. It'll smoke up the whole house and be hell on my partner's asthma.

@roadriverrail Oo don't want that for your partner :O.... those flat breads aren't that worth it!

I used to make flat breads with overnight (non-sourdough) bread, and was used to the stickiness. It is entirely possible i got used to a 'less-than-ideal' dough XD...

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