a couple notes on how to get settled in on the Fediverse:
1. Probably the best mobile app is to simply visit in a browser and select "add to home screen".
2. Finding people to follow can be a little tricky but very rewarding. Start with the Federated Timeline and skim it for weirdos you like. Also try searching for hashtags that interest you. I've found some great people that way.
3. This is a DIY world over here. If something looks missing, make it! Post, share, make noise!

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@ghealach a few tips to get started. LMK if there's more. I'm hoping to soon start adding some fun live stream notices over here, etc, etc.

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@roadriverrail Thank you for the tips! Think I'm finally getting the hang of the app & service. Right now, am on a bad (good?) eurovision music kick, so should probably wait for the goth stream 😂

@ghealach Eurovision is always good. I'm sorry I missed it this year because it was on a roller derby day, but Amy got me caught up.

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