So...if I'm going to migrate off GitHub, I have choices. I could self-host (on Dreamhost, my go-to provider, or maybe SDF). Or I could use something like Sourcehut. My projects aren't very big or heavy in traffic. Curious what folx on Fedi have tried and found useful.

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@roadriverrail I've been loving srht, the mailing list tool on its own is invaluable.

@roadriverrail We don't have the know-how, and connectivity to handle our own online repositories setup, so srht is a good fit. If we lived on land and I knew about servers and things like that, I'd say self-host is the way.

@roadriverrail Being git-challenged personally, I like that patch coming in through the srht mailing list can be merged with the press of a button. This has made working without Github's PR interface a walk in the park.

@roadriverrail I have a few things on git.m0yng.UK using @gitea

If you go this route, be sure to have a nice robots.txt to stop all the SEO crawlers from checking every single diff page :alex_grimace:

@M0YNG @gitea Right...this is the sort of remark that makes me shy away from self-hosting. I don't have time to keep up with my own maintenance needs like that.

@roadriverrail @gitea well to be fair, it's not a problem. But when I looked at my logs 90%+ was crawlers, and I don't want that so I tried to stop it. Doesn't mean you would also be bothered by it.

@M0YNG @gitea I'd likely never look at my logs, and if something went wrong, it'd likely take weeks to get around to fixing. I'm that swamped.

@roadriverrail That's the reason we created Codeberg.

Other good options include disroot's Git service, and potentially SDF and sourcehut, too.

@roadriverrail I've been a big fan of GitLab for a long time since they have a self-hosting option and are open source for the core product (which is *a lot* of it).

@hankg Yeah, I know a lot of people use and like Gitlab, and it's on the list I'm considering. Curious if there are advantages/costs to self-hosting there? I want to keep my maintenance overhead low but also have good longevity in my service.

@roadriverrail I have more than I need in their free tier. I used to subscribe to one step up just to throw some cash at them but they changed their pricing structure such that the lowest tier of that is too high for me now. I'd say don't bother with self hosting for now since self hosted instances can always import projects from to your self hosted instance (and vice versa):…

@roadriverrail I've been using codeberg, though I don't use any of its collaboration features -- just as a place to backup + share code.

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