So...if I'm going to migrate off GitHub, I have choices. I could self-host (on Dreamhost, my go-to provider, or maybe SDF). Or I could use something like Sourcehut. My projects aren't very big or heavy in traffic. Curious what folx on Fedi have tried and found useful.

@roadriverrail I've been loving srht, the mailing list tool on its own is invaluable.

@roadriverrail We don't have the know-how, and connectivity to handle our own online repositories setup, so srht is a good fit. If we lived on land and I knew about servers and things like that, I'd say self-host is the way.

@roadriverrail Being git-challenged personally, I like that patch coming in through the srht mailing list can be merged with the press of a button. This has made working without Github's PR interface a walk in the park.

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