I want more turn-based games I can play with remote friends play-by-mail style (chess is a common one). No networking code required :)

@tty I remember back in the day that gaming magazines used to have all sorts of play-by-mail wargames you could join. You'd pay the coordinator a subscription fee and receive a fixed number of turns of participation. They'd release a newsletter with state of the board, news about what happened the previous rounds, etc.

@roadriverrail aww, that's really cute & cool, how small scale that is. sucks about having to pay money though.


@tty It usually wasn't a huge amount, and there are costs to operate the game (newsletter production, postage, PO box, etc, etc) and I can imagine it being a bit of small-scale entrepreneurship for someone who might be disabled, etc. It's not unreasonable to pay, especially since the cost structure also makes an incentive for you to actually stay in the game for a sensible amount of time.

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