Recently falling down the small but fascinating rabbit hole of sixel, standard from DEC terminals that allows bitmap images in terminals and terminal emulators. I am gobsmacked we're not using sixel everywhere and that it's not on by default in major terminals like gnome-terminal.

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@roadriverrail Yes, I was also very fascinated by it. There are even Xserver support (not sure about the mainline code, but in forks of xserver).

@vu3rdd funny, because I was seeing this as a way to get away from X. I'm imagining a virtual framebuffer device that can be tapped to hook a framebuffer app directly into the terminal without any portage. At that point, you'd be able to fire up a framebuffer web browser to handle your Oauth right there in your terminal.

@roadriverrail yes, that would be really really cool too.

Saw this video playing example, the played video looks pretty good.

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