non-binary, progress pics 

So, over in Zuckland, the "memories" algorithm showed me a recent photo from not long before I started my transition. It's not like I'm on HRT or anything, but I was completely shocked by how foreign that 2 year-old picture looked to me. I often feel like I haven't really changed at all, but I kinda have a hard time intuitively thinking of that pic from a couple years ago as "me".

"Hm. My lab is dim and I do too much fiddly electronics work. I should get head-mounted magnifier and led."

My new mental image of myself:

From the everyday project, behold my personal website rendered on the Spectrum Internet Suite browser on MAME's AppleIIGS emulation, featuring my port of Uthernet emulation.

I go playing around with Merlin 16+, an assembler-linker for the Apple IIGS. I type one little subcommand and get a very deep-cuts blast from the past. Fifty Internet Points to the person who spots it.

long post, retrocomputing 

Inspired by some exchanges with @neauoire as well as my own NES "how it's done" labs, I'm taking up a project I'm calling "everyday ". My goal is to do my everyday stuff from a #6502 based machine. Step 1 today was to get some kind of emulator working with a TCP/IP stack. After some hemming and hawwing, I got GSPort building on modern Linux and got its network stack working! With a basic telnet client, I can have the rest of the project bootstrapped.

enby, selfie 

So, yeah, like I said, I'm officially at that "Oh, so this is what it feels like to see your picture and feel happy. Let's do this ALL THE TIME!" phase of euphoria. The tank top's cute.

ham shack 

Behold, my lab and ham shack. The temple to my nerditude.

selfie, enby fashion 

Fun fact-- the shirt was my mother's old maternity blouse from when she was carrying me.

I don't food porn often, but this made from scratch smorgas and home-infused akavit is just too good not to share

I haven't had a in three years, so this new ride is a real treat and luxury to me right now.

protests, political prisoners 

More from the of the sentencing of separatist leaders for sedition. Things were peaceful in town but I hear the airport was shut down due to struggles with the police and/or military.

Protests, mention of political prisoners. 

Some images from the protests in today. Several leaders of separatism were sentenced today for their role in the announcement of the Catalan Republic in 2017. Many Catalans view them as political prisoners. I do, too.

day 2, the standard substandard performance. See if you can spot when I couldn't stay out of the trees.

day 1. Some inspired play; some beefed putts. I'm generally very happy with this score.

We have a new coffee mug in the shape of a cat head. The tea ceremony student in me reflexively cringes at drinking from the side with the face.

Today my tea ceremony school celebrated hastugama ("first kettle"), which is a bit like the tea ceremony analog to Imbolc. Pictured here is the traditional display of rice, charcoal, abalone, persimmons, and a special kind of tangerine. In the alcove are early-bud willow branches. The scroll says "Today is a day to be liked."

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