I haven't had a in three years, so this new ride is a real treat and luxury to me right now.

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day 2, the standard substandard performance. See if you can spot when I couldn't stay out of the trees.

day 1. Some inspired play; some beefed putts. I'm generally very happy with this score.

We have a new coffee mug in the shape of a cat head. The tea ceremony student in me reflexively cringes at drinking from the side with the face.

Today my tea ceremony school celebrated hastugama ("first kettle"), which is a bit like the tea ceremony analog to Imbolc. Pictured here is the traditional display of rice, charcoal, abalone, persimmons, and a special kind of tangerine. In the alcove are early-bud willow branches. The scroll says "Today is a day to be liked."

To everyone at I hope you are having a wonderful festive season and are ready to take on 2019 like Gritty takes on a penalty box.

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