@epilanthanomai Oh, yeah. Kenny Rogers And The First Edition was some good ol' stuff.

@oak If your total codebase will be fewer lines of code than you typically have on a screen, and if the number of people writing said code is 1, then dynamic typing can be okay. I mostly loathe it, though, and when some punk kid wants to give me his story about how dynamic typing makes for easy code and how of course you're supposed to have all this massive extra test infra, I excuse myself to the bar right away.

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@epilanthanomai Trump's inauguration also brought with it acts of harassment and violence to many of my friends. I'm just glad to know it's likely this won't be repeated.


@compostablespork It was a fine job and a fine inauguration.

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"Remember the ladies, and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the Husbands. Remember all Men would be tyrants if they could. If particular care and attention is not paid to the Ladies we are determined to foment a Rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any Laws in which we have no voice, or Representation."

-- Abigail Adams, March 1776

@ljwrites @epilanthanomai Macs have been pretty standard issue from my last three employers, and they drive me nuts in multiple ways. Typically, my first task is to figure out how to avoid using them as much as possible. It's like trying to drive in London; theoretically, I know how everything works, but it's all always in the wrong place.

@ljwrites @epilanthanomai MacOS has been pulling stuff like that for years and years now. One of the many things I loathe about it.

@malin It's such common knowledge it has its own Wikipedia page; no need to burn space rehashing it.

@malin I'm aware of how to describe scale (and thus also why "it works for me" is irrelevant in a scale convo). The scale of blockchain use is miniscule compared to the actual financial system, and it will have issues operating at that scale.

@malin @fribbledom "I use it personally" is a scale of 1, though, so it's basically the opposite of a scalability concern.

@fribbledom I feel you. I made a few contributions to Ethereum and I hold...like...1 ETH. I have that because a friend gave me 0.1 BTC when I told him I'd never actually transacted a Bitcoin. I find the technology very interesting but I'm not convinced on the Great Financial Revolution. Similar systems, one day, maybe? Maybe. But not the current ones as we know them.

I've spent years lamenting that my output, both at work and in my side projects, is sporadic and below my real ability. The honest but sad truth is that I really lost the sense of wonder and fun in hacking a long time ago and I've never been able to get it back.

@epilanthanomai I've been pretty happy with Regolith Linux for a while now (it's really the only Ubuntu I'll use now), except for that Bluetooth part. Having to switch the profile between HFP and A2DP manually is just stupid.

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Fungi growing on agar media in pairwise competitive interactions.

Published in:

Crowther, T. W., Boddy, L., & Maynard, D. S. (2018). The use of artificial media in fungal ecology. Fungal Ecology.

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“2000 me: Wow you still work on the web, that’s amazing. It must be so easy to publish really interesting web pages.

2020 me: Uhhhhh. [Very long pause.] Look, you can pay a low monthly fee and listen to any album anyone ever made.

’00: That must create some amazing opportunities for musicians!

’20: Well.”


@neauoire Legit goal; I was looking to the broader goal of "grow things on coffee", not knowing the goal was so specific. If you ever do try that again, I'm an amateur mycologist.

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OK, fellow vim users, we’re now called vimbos. It’s already done. Just get along and make it known.

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