@epilanthanomai My separation from Pantheacon and Paganism in general is not abstract. It's choosing to emotionally thrive.

@epilanthanomai Thanks for the swoop-in heroics! To everyone at we are definitely working on better early warning of issues!

@epilanthanomai I guess it can be fun if you're into Paganism and you can duck 100% of the nearly-mandatory drama. After about 20 years as a Pagan of some kind, I've actually become pretty critical of Paganism in general (with some specific exceptions) and it's basically impossible for me to not be standing adjacent to massive human drama if I go.

Every year on this weekend, I stop and give thanks that I quit going to

Bless you for being on the crew today. I had multiple forces against me this time.

@epilanthanomai Yeah, that's kinda the rub. The fam went to Frolicon together and didn't really have a good time. I'm really the only one into what's being offered there.

@epilanthanomai I keep waffling on going to Frolicon or not; I'll keep the alternative plans in mind.

@epilanthanomai I'm certainly well-aware of Combichrist. The "Everybody Hates You" album is universally set at the right BPM for my cycling pace. I was just surprised to discover they're an Atlanta act.

I used to suck at everything I'm great at and love. I still suck at many things I love, but I love them more than I loathe sucking. But the point is we all start out sucking at everything we love.

I really miss my standing desk. I basically danced while I worked for like 3 years.

I know, right? I don't know if I want to shake my butt, fuck something up, or code like a fiend. So many different feels from one beat!

Just finished up a visit to my birth family. No real conflict and people kept their drinking under control, but it's still like visiting Mars. Everything there is consistent and proper for those living with in it, even if I can't fully breathe.

It is good when your opponents show their hands early. 😁

@nisaa I'm glad to know that the potential for Panthecon drama has expanded in time and space so that people ar now getting hexed in advance!

Shaky on my skates or not, I still did a thing today.

"They Live" is all fun and games until you realize it's satirizing the world in which you've lived your entire life and that your frame of reference for "normal" is something other than that satire presumes.

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