@neauoire About 20 years ago, I once heard someone say "And here's the modern fireplace, by which I mean the computer," and it's stuck with me ever since.

@Jason_Dodd This is going to be super useful to my Apple iigs web browsing.

@rek yeah, this one was just over-hydrated and too loose to even hand-form. I hand-form pizza every week so I'm used to it and this was too wet. I'll hold off trying again until the kitchen is properly ventilated, though. It'll smoke up the whole house and be hell on my partner's asthma.

@rek Lacking for spelt, I made my dough from a mix of white bread flour and dark rye, and alas, it turned out unworkably soft and wet. even just trying to flatten it down by hand was ripping it and it stuck to literally everything. Plus I don't have a fume hood and the pan smoke filled the house. Mission aborted.

@neauoire Oof. Stuff like this makes me realize that attackers like this possess a creativity that I completely lack.

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@rek I do a ton of sourdough. I'd love your recipe for this.

npm dependency ecosystem lol 

@darius In general, I just find there to be, in many modern language ecosystems, a culture of "fast, lazy, and glib" that dominates and comes out in ways like this. Another example is in the proliferation of TUI in new languages that just casually assumes UTF-8 and emoji support, rather than finding and improving on what ncurses already offers us. If it's not fun, sexy, and cheap, who cares what gets left behind?

npm dependency ecosystem lol 

@darius Technically, you're correct that anything can eventually deprecate and if you rely on it you can be suck. That said, there are language ecosystems that aren't an anarchic mess of indie developers and their tiny projects living and dying all the time, nor the focus on just pulling what you need from github whenever you need it. Other ecosystems let you package your dependencies. This sort of thing seems to happen a lot less in C, for example.

@neauoire Yep, and in neither case would it tell you why when compilation failed.

npm dependency ecosystem lol 

@darius People wonder why I'm exceptionally cranky and leery of the dev ecosystems surrounding newer languages. Well, there you go right there. That's why.

I put "they/them" in my Slack and Zoom handles. I tell everyone before a public-facing meeting that this is the first job where I've come out as non-binary and that, I'm very chill about it in private, but in public events, it's important to me that people see my correct pronouns used. Everyone agrees this is important and that everyone should introduce themselves with pronouns. I show up to the meeting in femme-ish clothes and makeup. Mic fails. "He'll be right back folks." Doh.

@akkartik @colby This is how I ultimately came to one of my most important professional mottos-- "You never code alone. Even on my own solo project, Past Me is always there with me. And Past Me is an asshole."

@epilanthanomai These were questions I had as a kid. I've always known about D&D because my parents owned a copy (they were misinformed that it was a good party game), so a cartoon about D&D made sense, but I had a lot of serious questions about where in the hell that ride came from.

@epilanthanomai The thing I found so implausible about the show, even as a child, was that there'd be a Dungeons & Dragons ride at the fair.

@matthilde I hate to keep using you as my site status indicator, but it's looking like traffic isn't getting through to unix.lgbt?

@epilanthanomai I have a friend, Phil Hine, who was part of the original UK fantasy wargaming crowd, the kind who would ultimately become the Games Workshop set. He has great stories about showing up at wargame club meets with cases of fantasy figurines. The old mustachioed types clinging to "proper history" were all scandalized.

@epilanthanomai Aha! I should have suspected; that's usually how this factoid comes up. There's an interesting side note in that that war gaming itself likely grew out of the fairly popular hobby of making static models of battle scenes. It's a neat evolution, from "static models" to "recreating wars" to "alternate historical war" to "fantasy war" to "fantasy storytelling".

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