I've achieved the Worked All States (WAS) award, making a contact with a station in each of the 50 states in the US. I'd honestly not thought I'd achieve this (or any other) award for operations, so this was a real treat. I'm only 3 contacts away from my WAS Digital Modes award and 5 from my WAS FT8 Only award, and maybe 45 from reaching the DX Century Club. Modern digital modes are a total revelation.

Dear website,
No, I do not want you to show me notifications.
No, I do not want to share my location with you.
No, I do not want to sign up for your newsletter.
No, I do not want to spin the wheel for a discount.
Yes, I understand you're using cookies.
I just came here from a casual web search. Do we have to make this a relationship?

@Kensan I was, at one point, volunteering my time with Ethereum (working on the Solidity compiler) and looking for potential career futures in blockchain, and my conclusion was that it wasn't as useful for general cases for the same reasons Moxie expresses, plus the scaling problem.

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Moxie’s analysis of web3 is very interesting and rather revealing. It is puzzling why so many people (want to) believe that it’s “the next big thing” when there are such fundamental and basic issues. Definitely recommended read:


@neauoire @groovestomp Honestly, the difference between "for profit" and "non-profit" in this context is fundamentally one of accounting.

@stsp I used to use that counting scheme, as well as comparable words for A0, B0, ... F0, but I found they facilitate verbal communication of those numbers pretty poorly because they sound too much like each other and too much like other, more commonly used, numbers, and now my practice is to always say hex digits one at a time, with A-F being "alpha", "bravo", "charlie", "delta", "echo", "foxtrot".

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I’ve said this before, but my view of performative “inclusion” of the plaster-everything-with-trans-flags variety is that while it doesn’t fix institutional transphobia, it does at least annoy bigots and makes them feel isolated and outnumbered

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If you're building terminal programs, remember that curses does not work well at all with screen readers and braille terminals. Have a plain print-and-type mode if that's possible.

@neauoire Rural depopulation can severely ruin quality of life for those who can't or won't leave, but I also have to admit that years of tea ceremony practice make me look at a picture like that and lust to be there.

Sometimes you do some engineering and it's enough. It's enough that you figure the thing out and make it stop hurting people.

@neauoire We go back and forth on getting one for our unplumbed cottage, lovingly called "the shed". The thing becomes very hard to stay in in the winter because of the cold, and electric heating won't cut it because we lack enough amperage to heat enough when it gets really cold. But we also worry about the weight a wood stove would put on the not-spectacular foundation, wood embers getting out and setting the forest on fire, and...burning the place down accidentally.

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"In British Columbia, Canada, right now, a different vision is unfolding: one climate emergency following in the wake of another, indeed made possible by the previous disaster, and in a prosperous, modern, well-governed corner of the global north, absolutely overwhelming local infrastructure and the capacity of public officials and local bureaucracy to manage the crisis."


software dev snark 

@epilanthanomai If it's any consolation, a friend of mine once profiled a kernel with the goal of optimizing the most called function in it. After a week of work and seeing no performance improvements, he discovered he'd been optimizing the hell out of the idle loop.

@neauoire @sejo This is where Conway came up with the Game of Life, which has been proven Turing complete, so...

@morgan Okay, but even if you flag a project as one that uses unsafe blocks, so people can avoid it, what happens when the general standard go-to crate for something important needs its unsafe blocks?

Moreover, this is not about whether or not Rust is a good language. It's about how "rewrite it in Rust" is a slogan that hides complexities. Yes, a rewrite of a critical module might mean it's in a more safe language, but rewrites are going to contain bugs, especially in unsafe blocks.

@morgan When you have a build system that's built around fetching modules from Github and building them in place transparently, it's trivial for your project to create an indirect dependency back to a block of unsafe code that's tainted all your safe code. That is, a "developer's choice" can impact you without your knowing unless you audit every last dependency.

@TimSueberkrueb @morgan If you need to eventually perform IO, then, yes, there will eventually be something volatile which risks safety. That said, the question of when one "has to" go to unsafe blocks is also a bit of a judgment call; there are plenty of unsafe blocks out there that exist for dev convenience, and what happens in an unsafe block can taint the "safe" code. This is not about Rust as a language but about folklore surrounding Rust.

@TimSueberkrueb @morgan Yes, to be clear, I am still quite fond of Rust. This is not about Rust as a language. This is about certain incorrect cultural constructions surrounding it.

@morgan You're technically right, yes, but not practically right.

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