Howdy, @jez! Not sure how long you've been here, but I don't remember welcoming you to before, so...welcome!

@Wewereseeds That's pretty much all of us. Not that many will admit to it, though, and fewer will actually do the work.

If you don't have the right tools, invent them.

Ahh bloody hell.

That guy who makes the sarcastic alien comics? He’s anti-abortion, march for life sort.

I’m not going to link the post cause it’s gross.

Just an FYI cause I know people like those comics and I see them posted here on the regular. You will have to decide for yourself if you want to separate the art from the artist.

For me, I can’t. And I certainly won’t be giving him money.

Fascinating story, the Urbit thing. I still can't tell if there's any there there with Urbit, and I don't want to buy an address to find out, given it could go to neo-reactionaries.

A little snapshot of my night.

Me: "Hm. (sips whiskey) I have a little time on my hands. Maybe I'll play around with that Urbit project I heard about on The Third Web."
Me: ...
Me: ...
Me: ...

@epilanthanomai Because quality is job one at , I've not actually attempted any kind of restore from backup.

theoretically now has a backup system in place. Because quality is job one around here.

I do confess that my job involves a little too much cross-cultural yelling at odd hours of the day regarding closed-source components my vendors leave me using and supporting. When I got into operating systems, I thought it was going to be all about the valor, man.

@JohnBrownJr Basically, they don't really think about the future, and when they do, they do it only in terms of the immediate present.

the stackoverflow "homage to the 90s" being so femme just reinforces to me how much of a coded-"neutral male" the space is, and reads to me that the feminine is meant to be a source of ridicule

@epilanthanomai Not gonna lie...I glanced across my screen and thought I saw "Kamala" and "DMT" and suddenly thought perhaps American politics were getting very interesting.

@kew I've never understood, it's never made basic emotional sense to me at all. What was weird, though, was the day I realized I also seriously don't understand straight people at all.

A lot of scholarship has been done raising doubt on the Labor Theory of Value, but it seems to me you only need a Labor Theory of Minimum Cost. 🤔

@epilanthanomai Yeah, it's "son and heir". Incidentally, I think one could probably fill a book with the things Americans mishear or misinterpret in Smiths songs.

I understand the desire to give an office's meeting rooms clever names in an attempt to "humanize" the environment, but couldn't we have cute names AND an addressing scheme? Is it too much to ask that finding the room be made easy?

@epilanthanomai This is probably very ignorant of me to say, but you've always seemed so effusive and empathetic that I wouldn't have suspected at all.

Of all the sci-fi futures we could be living in, we're actually living in Robocop.

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