@epilanthanomai I was just a little curious how that system of bells works and how having recently had a baby might jam the radar. I set off a transmasculine person's radar (they asked me if I was "in transition" apropos of nothing), so the subject of "GNC radar" is of interest to me.

@epilanthanomai Saw Gary Numan perform in 1998 in support of his album "Exile" (Switchblade Symphony opened for him). It's actually what got me into him, since I hadn't heard the Tubeway Army stuff before then.

@epilanthanomai Given my encounter with someone else's trans-dar over the weekend, I'm curious to hear more.

@fribbledom I guess the thing I find confusing is, at that point, what advantages are left in the assembly code generation? Is there a reason it has to be assembly and not C?

Over the weekend, someone presumed me gender non-conforming based entirely on my presence. It gave me one of the nicest feels I've had in months.

@kelbesque My gender is very casual. Possibly the most casual.

@epilanthanomai "best viewed with any browser except AOL". This is either a perfectly preserved fossil or an amazing troll.

@shriekingmarxist This is rather similar to the question I posed my rather stunned Sunday school teacher as a child-- "Is heaven free of sin because sin is impossible or because we'll all simply know how to not sin?" When she said that, cosmologically speaking, sin couldn't exist in heaven, I asked "Then, since we cannot sin, we cannot have virtue or the joy of virtue, because we cannot choose?"

@epilanthanomai And it might most importantly be the track "I Don't Blame You", because I had a friend who was a rock star, hated the lifestyle, and was ousted from his own band. The song kinda reflected my feelings about his life and experience.

@epilanthanomai I think it might be that "You Are Free" was a singular record for me. I tried "Jukebox" and wasn't as compelled, and I kinda stopped trying Cat Power after that.

@epilanthanomai I've heard only one Cat Power record, but I did love it. I wonder if the chance of hearing one of the tracks from that record is strong enough to make me skip Monday practice.

@epilanthanomai I lightweight gag pretty easy. Hair I can't get out of my mouth...mouth guards...a chin strap that's too tight...

"Get 'em while they're young" is an important policy to any mass delusion, and the Conspiracy is no exception. It is critical to tie down precocious minds so they either stay onside or are so tied in knots they don't participate. One of the Conspiracy's most important tools is identifying precocious youth as "gifted" and filling them with extra rules and great expectations so they spend the rest of their lives either as powerful Conspiracy lieutenants or crushed by anxiety so they don't fight.

@epilanthanomai True facts...if my hair unexpectedly gets in my mouth, there is a decent chance it will trigger my gag reflex.

A definitive list of what baby got: Show more

@fribbledom I had to write its cousin, an algorithm for deciding where to put in the '...' when an app's name is too long for the space the icon's going in. Corner cases for that swallowed 2-3 days.

@fribbledom I don't have kids, and had the bod mods to prevent it. So, I guess I have full license, then?

@epilanthanomai I've been to one Depeche Mode show, but it was a big one (Singles Tour, 1998). The entire show was camp AF, even including elements of a high fashion show. was absolutely insane and spent half the show dancing sexily with the microphone stand and the other half grinding on everyone on stage in his leather pants.

@epilanthanomai Alas, I didn't know about it until just now. I took my bike today and I'm not yet wise about the roads and don't want a late night ride. I'll have to see it in my theater shed when it get distribution.

@epilanthanomai Songs Of Faith And Devotion, for me, will always be the ultimate Depeche Mode record. In fact "One Caress" was one of the first songs I taught myself on guitar when I was 16.

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