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@noelle I'm presuming you're a ham, too? What modes and bands do you operate?

had a brief outage this afternoon when our AWS EC2 instance became "unreachable". I don't know why, but we were able to reboot it and bring us back online.

If you have a problem with your source code management, and you decide to solve it with git submodules, you now have six problems.

“Language is the carrier of culture and memory. To starve or kill a language is to starve and kill a people’s memory bank.”
Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o, 2009.

@epilanthanomai This is just fascinating to me, because I've spent 20 years assuming the remix was the only version. I can still remember thrashing to it at the goth club.

@epilanthanomai Isn't the NIN edit the most common version? The video has both Bowie and Reznor in it, and I'd always assumed they'd written the song together.

@em Oh, cool. We're one of those laid back alliances. I'll be over here out of uniform then.

@em I dunno...not a great look on me. The cuffed jeans are a go, but tucked-in t-shirts aren't a good look if you're built like a fireplug.

@epilanthanomai Yeah, I'm kinda surprised there's nobody on Fiverr doing this sort of thing already, but...well, there isn't.

@epilanthanomai I think it might be fun for us to skin but don't really know where we'd get started. You got any designer friends who'd like to give us a quote?

@jez @epilanthanomai @Nixie I feel like I know a "Nixie" from elsewhere but can't, at this level of caffeination, place it...

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