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We call on people in positions of power in their FOSS communities to stop using GitHub and stop recommending it. GitHub, as a proprietary, trade-secret platform cannot be the singular development community for FOSS projects.

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@tty It usually wasn't a huge amount, and there are costs to operate the game (newsletter production, postage, PO box, etc, etc) and I can imagine it being a bit of small-scale entrepreneurship for someone who might be disabled, etc. It's not unreasonable to pay, especially since the cost structure also makes an incentive for you to actually stay in the game for a sensible amount of time.

@M0YNG @gitea I'd likely never look at my logs, and if something went wrong, it'd likely take weeks to get around to fixing. I'm that swamped.

@avalos I'm sure the DS hacking community can help, but I know little of it. The original NES on an emulator is a great target though because the hardware is well known and quite well documented. I even have a set of instructional labs available to help people learn the platform. And the 6502 is an easy but iconic processor used in multiple 80s PCs and still sees use today.

@avalos Incidentally, if you're looking for a great way to get your feet wet in bare metal coding, have you considered writing your own Nintendo game from scratch? It's a great way to learn about hardware and about writing assembly language.

@M0YNG @gitea Right...this is the sort of remark that makes me shy away from self-hosting. I don't have time to keep up with my own maintenance needs like that.

@hankg Yeah, I know a lot of people use and like Gitlab, and it's on the list I'm considering. Curious if there are advantages/costs to self-hosting there? I want to keep my maintenance overhead low but also have good longevity in my service.

So...if I'm going to migrate off GitHub, I have choices. I could self-host (on Dreamhost, my go-to provider, or maybe SDF). Or I could use something like Sourcehut. My projects aren't very big or heavy in traffic. Curious what folx on Fedi have tried and found useful.

@avalos Low level software has to be written to target the specifics of the hardware you're using. So you kinda have to learn both together as you go. Every time I write bare metal code, I have documentation on the hardware in hand while I do it. So really it works best to co-learn it.

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We tried to communicate w/ #GitHub re: #Copilot; they have outright refused to answer community questions on Copilot & took it for-profit. Copilot ignores copyleft requirements; so it's time to #GiveUpGitHub

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@psf Grace knew what was up. One of the most consistently practical minds of the golden age of computers.

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SCOTUS: Voting is now illegal

Liberals: We'll see about that in November, buster

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USPol A modest proposal 

Thank Cthulhu, smart(er) people than I were way ahead of me. Here are a few resources, including links to donation pages:

And The Satanic Temple is already mounting legal challenges left right and center, Beelzebuth bless their hearts:

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#Abortion #Privacy

Abortion Privacy.

This guide is rather basic, and is clearly aimed towards normies, but it’s a good starting-point for folks who might not already be privacy aficionados. Merely researching reproductive care could soon be a crime in your area, and basic digital opsec will help you stay safer.

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it makes my soul so incredibly tired that blue state liberals and leftists are still defaulting to taunting those stuck in red states.

it shows when you aren't looking for justice and are only looking to swap one oppressor with another- namely, yourself

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SSTV S1 Image received on 14.230 MHz USB at 2022-06-24 03:21:52 UTC
#sstv #S1 #14230


@neauoire @tty Can definitely confirm that years of C and assembly and bare metal environments have helped me cultivate the skill of keeping a model of the memory in my head. It's invaluable in so many ways.

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ALTlanta Zine Fest. July 23rd 10am-2pm. Waller's Coffee Shop, 240 Dekalb Industrial Way, Decatur GA. Pass it on.

Apply to table zines/comics/etc:

@tty I remember back in the day that gaming magazines used to have all sorts of play-by-mail wargames you could join. You'd pay the coordinator a subscription fee and receive a fixed number of turns of participation. They'd release a newsletter with state of the board, news about what happened the previous rounds, etc.

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