@clacke I really loved Halt And Catch Fire. It's a fantasy of certain eras of tech entrepreneurship, but it's a fun fantasy, and the characters are great.

@sunbather Boosting and also replying so I can get notification responses.

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Any Gemini users care to share their experiences / what you like about it?

I want to like it, but can’t shake the feeling that just generating basic html using *almost anything* would be more accessible and expressive.

@RussSharek @lonnon @neauoire I use Regolith Linux for the tiling window manager, but most of the time, I really just have one window per workspace in four different workspaces.

@emacsomancer @bright_helpings If I had to guess, this whole line of thinking probably starts with well-meaning parents and educators who champed a "TV bad reading good" mantra. The kids who loved silent reading enjoyed the satisfaction of being "superior" and grew up to gatekeep that opinion. And yes, kids need to practice their reading skills and commercial TV feeds them a lot of drek. But somewhere along the way, we lost the plot.

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@roadriverrail @bright_helpings

And "silent reading" as a dominant practice is a fairly recent development, in the longer view of human history.

@bright_helpings Audiobooks are just a logical extension of being read to, which bring education and thought to situations where visual reading is impossible or impractical, and the practice has a long tradition in enterntainment, education, and social organization. People who dis audiobooks are not welcome in my foxhole.

See also the important history of El Lector de Tobacco

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@delta Even then, that model is only resilient if you are thinking about the system overall and not the needs of any given user. Systems like the Fedi are a collection of fiefdoms where any given user can lose service at a whim without warning.

@neauoire That's me lately. I've been teaching basic skating skills for roller derby again!

@ThinkBot The asymmetry is because knowing the current present moment causes most people to privilege it over other alternatives, making any change in the past a "mistake", but as futures can only be speculated upon and a large number of them might be considered acceptable, it's quite hard to find the right pair of butterfly wings to flap today.

@gamingonlinux GOD I HOPE SO! So many games I want to check out but their anti-cheat breaks on Proton.

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Good insight into figuring out that you're not cis: aninjusticemag.com/am-i-trans-

Written by a trans woman, so, more examples from that direction, but I'd recommend it to anyone who feels "as if their gender were a pair of wet socks that they could never quite find a way to take off".

@epilanthanomai I actually had both a computer lab typing tutor and typing on an actual electric typewriter in elementary school! I guess I was ~60 wpm in childhood, and I haven't measured it today, but likely much faster. Thing is, I've been touch typing so long that I long stopped thinking about it, and it confuses the shit out of people when I touch type while looking out the window rather than the screen.

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I'm developing a new type of genre, it's trip-hop for kids. I'm calling it "skip-hop". The first band I'm signing is Portishead Shoulders Knees and Toes

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@epilanthanomai I suspect I could scrape up the time to set this up on our DO. I'd just need to find, you know, all the passwords and stuff. 😂 Like you, I'm not sure how much I'd write, but I keep missing LiveJournal...

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