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@neauoire Oh, the branches? That was just something I did to have a little clean isolation. The master branch should still have every one of my labs in it.

@neauoire Thanks for replying over here! I'll enjoy looking over your notes and project. Here's my NES 6502 projects repo. Obvs, I went with the NES for nostalgia factor and because it gives a dedicated GPU to work with.

The weirdest and spookiest of the three was the heavily intoxicated young man who repeatedly told me I was in the men's line when I could see the urinals and was trying to pick one. Then, when I gave him my "Why are you talking to me?" stare, he asked "Wait, you're a man?" when I kept giving him the look, he walked away yelling "Awkward!". Y'all, I'm not even that femme. Just long hair and mascara. WTF?!

Hunh. Just had my bathroom usage policed three times in one trip. And that's the first time I've had that. Freaky. Kinda spooky, too.

@epilanthanomai Oh, okay, so you weren't going so far as "M&E are the cause of mento, ska, rocksteady, and eventually reggae". Not that I'd have disagreed necessarily (depending on the telling), but a successful works cited list would require "Marcus Garvey" and "Chase Them Crazy Baldheads". :goose_honk:

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You are not the monster that your abusers would have you believe that you are. A lot of life, for a lot of people, is about circumstances and being taught a doctrine of self-reliance and personal responsibility that is completely out of proportion for the real world we live in. Or similarly, religious frameworks that teach us from a young age that bad things happen to bad people because they deserve it. And that “victim” is either something that you are “playing” or something that defines you

I'm super stoked to find that Nicole Blackman's screed, "Indictment" , has surfaced on the Internet Archive.

@epilanthanomai I was just a little curious how that system of bells works and how having recently had a baby might jam the radar. I set off a transmasculine person's radar (they asked me if I was "in transition" apropos of nothing), so the subject of "GNC radar" is of interest to me.

@epilanthanomai Saw Gary Numan perform in 1998 in support of his album "Exile" (Switchblade Symphony opened for him). It's actually what got me into him, since I hadn't heard the Tubeway Army stuff before then.

@epilanthanomai Given my encounter with someone else's trans-dar over the weekend, I'm curious to hear more.

@fribbledom I guess the thing I find confusing is, at that point, what advantages are left in the assembly code generation? Is there a reason it has to be assembly and not C?

Over the weekend, someone presumed me gender non-conforming based entirely on my presence. It gave me one of the nicest feels I've had in months.

@kelbesque My gender is very casual. Possibly the most casual.

@epilanthanomai "best viewed with any browser except AOL". This is either a perfectly preserved fossil or an amazing troll.

@shriekingmarxist This is rather similar to the question I posed my rather stunned Sunday school teacher as a child-- "Is heaven free of sin because sin is impossible or because we'll all simply know how to not sin?" When she said that, cosmologically speaking, sin couldn't exist in heaven, I asked "Then, since we cannot sin, we cannot have virtue or the joy of virtue, because we cannot choose?"

@epilanthanomai And it might most importantly be the track "I Don't Blame You", because I had a friend who was a rock star, hated the lifestyle, and was ousted from his own band. The song kinda reflected my feelings about his life and experience.

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