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@wauz @cypnk I actually believe in many cases it's not planned obsolescence but rather a disinterest in total product life cycle. It's oblivious obsolescence.

@Starry The Joy-Cons work pretty good. They're not perfect, and the problem is hard. I trained in proper boxing for a couple of years, and my slips and ducks were too gentle for the controllers to pick up originally. But it gives me a good off-day workout in a time when I can't be around people at all. Also, off-day workouts are about all the gaming time I have, aside from the occasional round of Smash here and there, and the Joy-Cons are fine for that.

@cypnk @cypnk This frustrates me to no end. Many products of mine have a single part that breaks, and the replacement cost for the part is between 80%-150% of a whole new product. It's either intentional to ensure new products get sold or, more likely, it's done because they only make complete, boxed units, so replacing parts is swimming upstream. But it produces *so much junk* when a vacuum cleaner is fine except for a broken head or a pool cleaner is fine except for a motor.

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Companies that sell appliances which barely last a few years should be forced to buy them back. Even a 50 year old fridge will still run today with a new compressor

@itnewsbot At least until a Republican governor signs an EO to reverse it, or until the industry shows up to railroad it like they did with the EV mandate. In either case, we needed to stop selling new combustion engine vehicles years ago, and it's basically too late now.

@Starry I'm with you. I've got no complaint with joy-cons and had no idea people did. Then again, I am not a Super Serious Gamer and, in fact, the game I play the most is Fitness Boxing, so I'm likely not a typical Switch user.

@epilanthanomai I can't say I've had the pleasure. The force of argument just kinda shone through, though. Like how you can just read the passion of intellect in De Bouvoir.

Alright. So, Smurfs are canonically described as "three apples high", and they live in mushrooms. I just put three apples on top of each other, and...those have got to be some huuuuge ass mushrooms.

In a way, the pandemic and subsequent work-from-home culture has been a blessing for coming out as and adopting a new gender presentation since things like clothes shopping are now all online and tried out at home. Case and point, I bought a drop of new femme-of-center autumn basics today, including a bralette, and I get all season at home to work out what's right for me. It's going to be a bit of a shock for others when I return to society fully-formed, though.

@neauoire At this point, all I can say is that I didn't leave behind any children and begged others to do the same, so if I get to enjoy the balance of what youth I have left (I'm 41) in relative peace, being beautifully fucked is what I'll have to accept.

@neauoire That's amazingly well-written and a poignant way of putting a human face on what I usually do as a financial analogy, calling fossil fuels our "solar savings account." Alas, it's ultimately a beautiful depiction of why and how we're all deeply fucked.

The Art Of Shaving promotional mail: "We'll help you reach your beard goals."

Me: "My goals are to never have hair below my cheekbones ever again. Got anything for that?"

@poppyhaze Good rule. I'm not even a data scientist and I've learned this lesson. You can even work it out from intuition with prompting. For example, notice no bullet holes on the cockpit and engines? Why is that?

@neauoire Oh, also, WHERE on the screen are you drawing it? I've had bugs sting me in the past where the root cause was that the scroll coordinates weren't perfectly at 0,0 and so I was actually drawing off-screen.

@neauoire Sprites add complexity. Why not make the sprite a static tile in the name table?

@neauoire Okay. So you've done the necessary and can definitely conclude the following: (1) The pattern tables are what you expect (2) The palettes don't have black colors in them (since black-on-black looks the same as "everything's broken") (3) The name and attribute tables are the way you want?

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