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@epilanthanomai Complete with spring powered canons, IIRC. And there's a direct chain of influence from this to TTPRGs.

@epilanthanomai I have regularly seen, on Twitter, HN, and other places, arguments based on the mistaken belief that his irreplaceable contributions are of a technical nature as well as arguments that focus on his legacy of technical contributions. What I have yet to see is arguments about why he needs a board seat to be effective or how the FSF is better having him, rather than someone else, filling that board seat. I'd consider those arguments fucked up but at least worth hearing.

Is there a single defense of Stallman that focuses at all on his capacities to be an effective board member? That discusses what he brings to the table other than "he coded good back in the day"? I haven't seen it.

@epilanthanomai Holy smoke! That's...that's all I've got. You must be over the moon.

Reading the various Internet chatter in opposition to the open letter calling for RMS' removal just makes me want to vomit at the notion that I might work with or share projects with these people.

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KDE: "On the reappointment of Richard Stallman as a director of the Free Software Foundation"

This sets the right tone. Proud of KDE.

@liaizon @djsundog @phooky @Skirmisher @SuricrasiaOnline LOL that was the default desktop for my Sun Blade workstation back in like 2000. Now it's a e s t h e t i c.

Kit Sunny boosted is a website hosted from solar powered network of servers around the world. The node with the most sunlight at the moment is the active server

@M0YNG @vu3rdd It's not just the QSL cards, too. It's SSTV. I can't count the number of times I've seen a 20m SSTV QSO contain a bunch of "bikini babe" images...and for what possible purpose?! IDK how to fix it other than to tell those people it's inappropriate, and then of course they'll just tell me to buzz off and do it anyway.


@darius Lovely! Speaking of tea gardens, at my old home, I actually did keep some camellia sinensis. They weren't going to make premium tea leaves, but they were beautiful and easy to care for, and I did drink a cup or two from them from time to time.

Trying to pull down my Youtube Music library so I can organize and DJ with it,, none of these mp3s have tags in them! I'm 90% sure they did when I moved them off iTunes into Google Play Music! It's all an undifferentiated, untagged mess that can't be easily organized. A big, jolly "fuck you" to Google again!

@grumpysmiffy @fribbledom Yeah, I totally follow. Maybe I'm just being pedantic, but I see that more as a "lack of feature" than a "feature". Though I reckon you could remove the automatic type coercion from Perl and get most of what you're looking for.

@dubiousdisc @fribbledom The struggle to unify different "visions" of JS has contributed greatly to much of its messiness, indeed. There are plenty of things to like about it other than that, especially since the type system got stronger.

@dubiousdisc @hierarchon @fribbledom Apologies back for going "cranky systems coder" on you, or at least coming close to it. I realize you're not trying to start a fight, but I do also think that the JS ecosystem is an extremely poor point of reference, as the famous "Javascript coding in 2016" article shows.

Additionally, though, I just also feel there's currently a culture of intense myopia and fixation on "cool features" that is creating a lot of problematic tools, including Rust.

@dubiousdisc @hierarchon @fribbledom Also, I say this in jest, but starting any comparative argument with "coming from JS" is basically like saying "Well, the new tyrant beats us less than the old tyrant, so..."

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