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Today my tea ceremony school celebrated hastugama ("first kettle"), which is a bit like the tea ceremony analog to Imbolc. Pictured here is the traditional display of rice, charcoal, abalone, persimmons, and a special kind of tangerine. In the alcove are early-bud willow branches. The scroll says "Today is a day to be liked."

OMG! @Lord_Bun is none other than the wild-and-wonderful WILLIAM HOOPER! OMG! 🤗

@Lord_Bun welcome aboard! You may want to follow the hashtag for chats about our local instance business. The local timeline here is pretty quiet, but the federated timeline has some weird, wild stuff on it. Don't forget to introduce yourself around!

left-wing memery long predates gritty: "The Anarchist trade unions have adopted Popeye as their own pet mascot. . . . Everywhere they sell pins, scarves and statues of Popeye waving an anarchist flag of black and red. Betty Boop is also much in favor among the Anarchists, but Mickey Mouse, who is the idol of the people, is so popular that [it] is necessary that he be non-partisan." - Lois Orr, as quoted in "Spain in our Hearts"

@epilanthanomai Speaking of Ministry, I didn't know they'd made any videos from the With Sympathy tracks, but it turns out you can see Baby Al Jourgensen in this video for "Revenge"

I needed this reminder today. Maybe you do, too?

Nearly every time I think someone is mad at me, they're actually frustrated by something, or annoyed with themselves, or feeling defensive or embarrassed.

Most people genuinely don't get angry that often. Those who do? It's something for them to work on, not you. It's okay to stay soft.

Happy new year to everyone at ! Want to build our little safe corner of social media by bringing on some friends and loved ones? DM me for an invite code!

Puck: "So other than trapping you in an endless cycle of death and rebirth, what does Samsara do?"
Me: "Hey! I just found a dollar in my pocket!"

Learnin' all abut udev because my retroarcade machine needs me to...

Culture is full of examples of schizophrenic art and writing, but this may be the only case of a person suffering schizophrenia producing a major corpus of systems software.

Fir the first time in weeks, I feel rested and capable of returning to my day job without wanting to scream.

suffered a brief outage today due to a congested hard drive. @epilanthanomai and I were able to get it back up within the hour. Sorry for the outage, and we're glad to have it resolved so fast.

To everyone at I hope you are having a wonderful festive season and are ready to take on 2019 like Gritty takes on a penalty box.

Every time I see "The Muppet Christmas Carol", I am blown away at the care and effort taken in its production and how willing Brian Henson was to keep the gut punches to the capitalist class.

Last workout before Christmas...last workout before Christmas...just 180 push-ups and 240 double-crunches and it's Christmas...

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