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@epilanthanomai I think it might be fun for us to skin but don't really know where we'd get started. You got any designer friends who'd like to give us a quote?

Some days, all I want is to is have my old German hacker buddy back so we can pop herbal ecstacy, play original edition NetRunner, and wait for Quake to finish downloading over the modem (preferably without call waiting interrupting it)

The future teaches you to be alone; the present to be afraid and cold. So, if I can shoot rabbits, then I can shoot fascists.

while we’re talking about bisexuality misconceptions, the flag does not use the colors to equal genders.

pink - gay relationships
blue - het relationships
purple - the resulting overlap of the 2 colors being bi ppl

know ur history kiddos :heart_bi:

you kids think emotional detachment is cool?? you think irony poisoning is cool huh?? think again. caring about stuff rocks

Attention users! We appear to be back up and stable. The disk storage has been boosted from 8GB to 100GB, which should hold us for a while. Report issues to me or @epilanthanomai

Attention users! There will be a brief outage while I attempt to increase the size of our storage!

I'm interested in papers that cover the psychology of why people do not contribute to open source and constantly complain about cost of maintenance/support agreements but accept it in proprietary software services

You wake up one day and get yourself to grind.
Your grind pays in many ways.
You get good at your grind.
You get known for your grind.
You get used for your grind.
But you're winning on your grind.
You say you were born for your grind.
And then you don't need your grind.
And you pick another grind because it's a habit.
And you you're not sure anything is real but the grind you don't need.

Waiting on my hella early plane home from Boston. Running on like 2 hours of sleep. So. Very. Tired. So not looking forward to returning to work tomorrow.

I know I've fully embraced the vacation state of mind when I can't decide between spending the afternoon reading my new RF circuit design book and teaching myself Golang.

Musical endurance challenge: Listen to all of the album "Signs Of Light" by The Head And The Heart without sobbing massively
Status of last attempt: EPIC FAIL, BUT WORTH IT

So many surprising, revealing, and delighting experiences from . I'm having a hard time beginning with processing them all. I'm not sure I'll be the same again.

Howdy, @jez! Not sure how long you've been here, but I don't remember welcoming you to before, so...welcome!

If you don't have the right tools, invent them.

Ahh bloody hell.

That guy who makes the sarcastic alien comics? He’s anti-abortion, march for life sort.

I’m not going to link the post cause it’s gross.

Just an FYI cause I know people like those comics and I see them posted here on the regular. You will have to decide for yourself if you want to separate the art from the artist.

For me, I can’t. And I certainly won’t be giving him money.

A little snapshot of my night.

Me: "Hm. (sips whiskey) I have a little time on my hands. Maybe I'll play around with that Urbit project I heard about on The Third Web."
Me: ...
Me: ...
Me: ...

theoretically now has a backup system in place. Because quality is job one around here.

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