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You have been visited by the leisurely shell-scripting Brian Kernighan of Bell. Good programming and beautiful keyboards will be bestowed upon you, but only if you run `fortune | cowsay` in the next five minutes.

There are few things in life as satisfying as writing a real slam-dunk root cause analysis.

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Today for the Atlanta Pride Parade I stood in front of the haters and held prettier things in front of their terrible signs. One of the nice things about being a bit of a weirdo for most of my life is that when people are *obviously* terrible I find them really easy to just basically ignore. Bonus: Now I've learned how to use ear defenders and manage my sensory experience better so that parades and such aren't even terribly overwhelming.

protests, political prisoners 

More from the of the sentencing of separatist leaders for sedition. Things were peaceful in town but I hear the airport was shut down due to struggles with the police and/or military.

Protests, mention of political prisoners. 

Some images from the protests in today. Several leaders of separatism were sentenced today for their role in the announcement of the Catalan Republic in 2017. Many Catalans view them as political prisoners. I do, too.

Howdy, ! After a very kind prompting from @epilanthanomai, I've added some new goose emoji! HONK! :goose_honk:

You got a problem with Canadian :goose_flap: you got a problem with me! I suggest you let that one marinade!

day 2, the standard substandard performance. See if you can spot when I couldn't stay out of the trees.

day 1. Some inspired play; some beefed putts. I'm generally very happy with this score.

Quit my job today to pursue a new opportunity. It's so hard having colleagues you genuinely love; you ultimately have to break their hearts and yours when it's time to leave.

"The future teaches you to be alone;
The present to be afraid and cold.
So, if I can shoot rabbits,
Then I can shoot fascists."

The browser notification is the HTML <flash> tag of the 2010s.

TFW you're quitting in a couple of weeks and you've been burned out for months and you Just. Can't. Even. with this damn project any longer, but your work ethic makes you feel shitty for just filling your desk.

So, I've decided to give a try. Thankfully, I am comfortable with my ugly handwriting and poor artistic skills so I won't fall in the trap of trying to make it pretty. Hopefully this will give me some control back in my life, though.

@epilanthanomai I think I'm getting possible follower spam from but I'm on a road trip and can't investigate. Do you have a few minutes to help?

Me reading the book... "Oh my word! THEY FIXED THAT, TOO!"

Hey ! I'd like to give a quick introduction to @tangent, a new member of the instance. He's a dear friend and colleague of mine with a passion for an open, private, and decentralized Internet. I'm sure he'll be a great add to the instance.

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The year is 5019. Humans, as we know them, are long gone. The Earth is inhabited chiefly by advanced, sapient machines.

For legacy reasons, everyone's name starts with "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible;".
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