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"The purpose of video games is to make the player feel awesome. It is not for the designer to feel awesome"

The weirdest and spookiest of the three was the heavily intoxicated young man who repeatedly told me I was in the men's line when I could see the urinals and was trying to pick one. Then, when I gave him my "Why are you talking to me?" stare, he asked "Wait, you're a man?" when I kept giving him the look, he walked away yelling "Awkward!". Y'all, I'm not even that femme. Just long hair and mascara. WTF?!

Hunh. Just had my bathroom usage policed three times in one trip. And that's the first time I've had that. Freaky. Kinda spooky, too.

You are not the monster that your abusers would have you believe that you are. A lot of life, for a lot of people, is about circumstances and being taught a doctrine of self-reliance and personal responsibility that is completely out of proportion for the real world we live in. Or similarly, religious frameworks that teach us from a young age that bad things happen to bad people because they deserve it. And that “victim” is either something that you are “playing” or something that defines you

I'm super stoked to find that Nicole Blackman's screed, "Indictment" , has surfaced on the Internet Archive.

Over the weekend, someone presumed me gender non-conforming based entirely on my presence. It gave me one of the nicest feels I've had in months.

"Get 'em while they're young" is an important policy to any mass delusion, and the Conspiracy is no exception. It is critical to tie down precocious minds so they either stay onside or are so tied in knots they don't participate. One of the Conspiracy's most important tools is identifying precocious youth as "gifted" and filling them with extra rules and great expectations so they spend the rest of their lives either as powerful Conspiracy lieutenants or crushed by anxiety so they don't fight.

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The most annoying part of having fresh piercings is that I'm suddenly aware of how many times in a given day I casually touch a certain part of my body.

I haven't had a in three years, so this new ride is a real treat and luxury to me right now.

So many promising skaters at the league's assessments last night. I'm really hoping most of them get offered a jersey.

Congratulations Kentucky (and congratulations Governor-elect Beshear)!

A red state that went for Trump by 30 points just elected a Democratic governor. Beshear ran on issues; Bevin ran on his Trump affiliation.


This is a kindly reminder that there's a really good chance phrasing a suggested course of action with "Why don't you just..." carries the extra denotation that the course of action was easy to think up and thus risks insulting the intelligence of the person receiving the suggestion. "Just" is a trivializer word in this context, so be lazy, use fewer words, and don't make others feel trivial!

An excellent intro to hauntology, our cancelled future, and the barries to breaking free from the thinking that cancels the future.

You have been visited by the leisurely shell-scripting Brian Kernighan of Bell. Good programming and beautiful keyboards will be bestowed upon you, but only if you run `fortune | cowsay` in the next five minutes.

There are few things in life as satisfying as writing a real slam-dunk root cause analysis.

Today for the Atlanta Pride Parade I stood in front of the haters and held prettier things in front of their terrible signs. One of the nice things about being a bit of a weirdo for most of my life is that when people are *obviously* terrible I find them really easy to just basically ignore. Bonus: Now I've learned how to use ear defenders and manage my sensory experience better so that parades and such aren't even terribly overwhelming.

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