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If you are doing a hobby/fun/learning project where zero or very few other people are ever going to have to look at the code, I recommend using the programming language that causes the most dopamine to be released in your brain when you press the keyboard buttons.

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When you type ./configure, the GNU Build System automatically spends the next ten minutes reminiscing about every major and minor unix variant created since 1971

Update from the admins: we noticed an outage this morning and were able to remediate the issue. Seems our root file system was choking on its own log files. Things are back up, and we're looking into how to slow the growth in the future. Thanks for your patience!

Wow! From the first wave of invites, it's my friend @hayyg! Everyone, @hayg is an old colleague of mine, passionate about civil rights, and taught me a lot about Armenian history. Give him a hello!

@scalene Additionally, Mastodon has a "search" feature that makes it easy to find some things to get you started with. Also, check out the "federated timeline" to see the general chatter that comes our way.

@scalene some people I follow here that you'd probably fellow admin @epilanthanomai, world traveler and retro-tech lover @neauoire, and recent newcomers @Stronae and @Geekgenesis

@scalene, welcome aboard , your new home and window into the wild alternative social network that is . Everyone, @scalene is a dear friend of mine, a great designer and artist, and the first person to discover my cats actually speak Russian!

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"They are lucky that what black people are looking for is equality and not revenge”

-- Kimberly Jones

Anyone who wants to see what the world would look like if all tech were tightly controlled by industry groups need only look at the nonsense and bullshit in the average home theater.

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Amazing webcomic detailing the links between current aesthetics, toxic masculinity, and American fascism.

@Stronae welcome to , a Mastodon instance so small and intimate we still announce new members by hand. Everyone, @Stronae is an old friend of mine and a brilliant and mathematical and technical mind. He's going to fit right in around here.

@neauoire I started watching this series of videos today, and immediately thought of you. I kinda think I might get myself some breadboards and work through these myselves. Always wanted to design the machine I'd have used when I was a kid.

Hey ! I'd like to welcome @Geekgenesis to the fold! She's an old friend of mine from high school, and definitely the sort to add good color to our corner of . Please open your hearts and friends recommendations!

The single best sourdough discard recipe I've found: pour discard in bowl, add salt and herbs to taste, cook in a medium-hot pan with a dash of oil. When the bubbles start to break on top, flip. This has absolutely changed my life.

One nice thing about being stuck at home is it makes it a lot more comfortable and secure to explore new looks and wardrobe options. Leggings, yoga tops, tennis skirts and skorts.... I'm getting my home clothes and activewear in order.

Well, that's the first time I've ever watched my stack overflow right into the global data area. Only took 20 years of a career. Kids, this is why we have memory protection.

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It's 2020. Why does it feel like such a goddamned miracle every time I get the network printer to work?

Something that's been weird during lockdown is how much I've stopped using social media. I get up, I drink tea, I work, I do stuff with the fam, I game, I go to bed. At a time when people seem to be suing social media more, I'm using it far, far less.

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