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Okay, , we're upgraded to Mastodon 2.9.4 and I'm going to call it a night on that note, since going to 3.0 takes more time to do.

Okay, , our upgrade to 2.8.3 seems to have gone over without anything catching fire. I'm going to bring everything down one more time to move us into the 2.9 versions before calling it a night.

Heya there, friends! I'm going to take a shot at some upgrades, so you're likely to see a little instability for the next short while. I'll let everyone know when order has been restored.

You know what our world sorely needs right now? A trip-hop revival.

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uspol +, polyamory 

The city council of Somerville, MA just voted unanimously to remove the limit of two people in a domestic partnership, effectively providing legal recognition to polyamorous relationships.

via @Stronae

((skims Medium headlines))..."Grits, Whales, and Some Very Healthy Vegainaise"...((does double-take))..."Grits, Whales and Some Very Filthy Veganaise"

...Oh. ((dejected sigh))

enby, selfie 

So, yeah, like I said, I'm officially at that "Oh, so this is what it feels like to see your picture and feel happy. Let's do this ALL THE TIME!" phase of euphoria. The tank top's cute.

"Did you say Uncanny Loggins?"
"I said *young Kenny Loggins*."
"Oh, well, it's a thing now!"

Posting selfies over here is a real challenge. Phone cameras tend to record the photo's orientation in the EXIF, which Mastodon doesn't seem to use (and actively seems to strip). And yes, I want to post selfies. I'm in that "I understand why people take selfies now" phase of euphoria.

After a weekend sprint on the ham radio for Field Day, I can still hear the PSK31 signals whistling in my ears.

uspol, sportsball, race 

Sometimes the leaders of sports teams do the right thing, like publicly telling a racist politican to fuck off and threatening to leave his city if that keeps up. It could be more, yes, but it's more than many have done.

welcomes the fabulous, fun, and sometimes sardonic @sarberry, bestie to @AccioMjolnir, longtime friend to me, and a running buddy I sincerely hope to see again someday.

@sarberry, server business is generally on the hashtag, and aside from our own crowd, who are now mostly on here, you will likely find some amusing people and content to follow if you check out our Federated Timeline.

ham shack 

Behold, my lab and ham shack. The temple to my nerditude.

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Alan Turing bday, suicide mention 

Alan Turing was born today

He was gay and neurodivergent, famous for 'Turing machine,' a model for modern/general purpose computers

he was also chemically castrated by his government for being gay (instead of prison time), and later committed suicide at 41

Rest in Power, Alan :heart_cybre:

The morning brings some new faces to : @AccioMjolnir, Weimar-era historian and total ball of delight; @sciencensorcery, whose YouTube videos on gender helped me come out as non-binary; and @cydonia, who might want to check out @vickysteeves for some library science feeling. All these folks are close, long-term friends of me and yesterday's invitees.

To the newcomers, server business is on the hashtag and advice for finding people was posted on some recent invites!

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Ahem. Excuse me. ((taps microphone))

I have an important announcement to share with this convention.


Now you're messing with a...son of a bitch.
Now you're messing with a son of a bitch.
Now you're messing with a...son of a bitch.
Now you're messing with a son of a bitch.

Thank you.

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So @Stronae it's feels like it's been forever. What's your professional life like these days?

also welcomes @seelix and @GoatGoatGoat, also coming in through the common social link to @likethebird and @melodyg and @Weaktwos. Welcome y'all, and please follow the hashtag for updates! Also, see the previous intros for some great starter friends!

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