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I've been listening to every Bad Religion album in order. I've finally reached "Stranger Than Fiction", the album that flipped the switch in teenage punk head. BR albums are sad because they're a reminder of how little society has changed, but the those soaring harmonies on "Incomplete" always reset my emotional clock back an age when I was just raw and angry and believed we'd all do better.

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@solderpunk @neauoire "IC fabrication requires large amounts of energy, highly refined machinery and poisonous substances. Because of this sacrifice, the resulting microchips should be treasured like gems or rare exotic spices. Their active lifespans would be maximized, and they would never be reduced to their raw materials until they are thoroughly unusable."

Yes! Yes! One thousand times, yes! This person gets it.

But no worries, you can't win them all. So the oatcakes are hot and the fish and onions are ready and the tea's poured. We sit down to watch the movie to discover MSFT has decided that the computer updates when they say. And it's the update for Windows 10. The last Windows machine in the house is the old clunker plugged into the TV, and it reminds us this is MSFT's compy, not ours. That was two hours ago. We only now are allowed to watch a film we stole because we couldn't buy it. /2

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How intellectual property ruined my morning. We had plans to brunch and watch the Cornish indie film "BAIT". Well, there's no NA release of "BAIT" because film distribution is still regional. Okay. So, we hop on the UK VPN endpoint. It cannot be rented or bought on Amazon without the website breaking. We later find out why when we try to subscribe to BFI-- you must have a UK credit card. Dejectedly, we torrent a film we genuinely wanted to pay good money to see. 1/

More dispatches from the everyday project. In this episode, I discover getting a good ANSI terminal is haaaard.

I'm not sure if "square peg, round hole, sledgehammer" is really a code porting methodology, per se, but I have made a career and an avocation on its back. I say this while up at 3:00 AM shoehorning someone else's code into the MAME architecture.

Over the weekend, I started to find the disk emulation of GSPort to be wanting, so..mi just ported its support for the Uthernet card for Apple iie and IIgs to MAME.

I'd just like to reiterate for the billionth time that C++ is a train wreck of a language and I wished it had never been dreamed up.

I go playing around with Merlin 16+, an assembler-linker for the Apple IIGS. I type one little subcommand and get a very deep-cuts blast from the past. Fifty Internet Points to the person who spots it.

@neauoire Have you ever considered HF ham radio for your boat? It'd be wild to PSK31 chat with you.

Okay, Fediverse. I want to do some blogging, I want my blog to be fully readable in lynx, and I refuse to use WordPress. Can anyone recommend a blogging engine?

long post, retrocomputing 

Inspired by some exchanges with @neauoire as well as my own NES "how it's done" labs, I'm taking up a project I'm calling "everyday ". My goal is to do my everyday stuff from a #6502 based machine. Step 1 today was to get some kind of emulator working with a TCP/IP stack. After some hemming and hawwing, I got GSPort building on modern Linux and got its network stack working! With a basic telnet client, I can have the rest of the project bootstrapped.

12:45. Restate my assumptions. One. You lock the target. Two. You bait the line. Three. You slowly spread the net. Four. You catch the man.

You said "I'm feeling fine," but it didn't really rhyme with the word "overseas".

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Heya, gang! We're now upgraded to Mastodon 3.2.0, all the latest and greatest to our hearts' contoot!

After far too many months away from it, I finally added NES 6502 instructional labs for playing with the audio synthesizers and reading from the controls! #6502

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Gender-based market segmentation kills trans people.

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