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TIL that there is no formula for the exact perimeter of an ellipse, but that you could make an arbitrarily close approximation of a formula for the perimeter of a *given* ellipse, and that such a formula would depend on the sum of an infinite series.

TIL that this is technically how we have a formula for the perimeter of a circle, but don't notice the messiness because the circle's "axes" are of equal length and thus a single sum of an infinite series works. We call it "pi" to keep it unmessy.

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It's been an absurdly productive weekend for me. I've built a 64x32 LED matrix sign, finished my 20 Ah battery box build, changed the lighting fixture in my lab, and implemented gravity for a forthcoming NES 6502 assembly lab.

I went to look up the lyrics to "Ten in 2010" by Bad Religion. Google gave me a link to "$10 in 2010". This was intended to be a link to an inflation calculator. My brain parsed this as "enable pattern table 1 through PPUCRTL alias 2". I...I think all the NES assembly has been getting to me.

"Hm. My lab is dim and I do too much fiddly electronics work. I should get head-mounted magnifier and led."

My new mental image of myself:

What I'm missing most about this year: it's a place where you can stand around with a puppet on your arm and people will walk up to the puppet and start talking to it.

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If Google does not want to listen to my explanations, I will not change the app for them.
The way they are acting is unfair and don't give any trust concerning next publications.
I prefer to spend my time to help people to switch on #FDroid for getting the app.


So it looks like the next unexpected challenge to everyday , after the matter of SSL, is the matter of Unicode.

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From the everyday project, behold my personal website rendered on the Spectrum Internet Suite browser on MAME's AppleIIGS emulation, featuring my port of Uthernet emulation.

I honestly have never had such a warm welcome as a rando outside developer as the MAME team gave me working on this feature. Would do again.

Ah, vim. The editor where it nearly always takes less time and effort to edit manually than to correctly do a macro that theoretically saves time and effort. Why can't I quit you?

Ever get to the point where you'd literally pay the people in your life to use your pronouns?

I may hate Python more than C++. May. Once you get that low, it's actually really hard to tell subtle differences.

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I've been listening to every Bad Religion album in order. I've finally reached "Stranger Than Fiction", the album that flipped the switch in teenage punk head. BR albums are sad because they're a reminder of how little society has changed, but the those soaring harmonies on "Incomplete" always reset my emotional clock back an age when I was just raw and angry and believed we'd all do better.

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@solderpunk @neauoire "IC fabrication requires large amounts of energy, highly refined machinery and poisonous substances. Because of this sacrifice, the resulting microchips should be treasured like gems or rare exotic spices. Their active lifespans would be maximized, and they would never be reduced to their raw materials until they are thoroughly unusable."

Yes! Yes! One thousand times, yes! This person gets it.

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