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I'm always looking for better terminals. I tried Alacritty and thought it was interesting, right up to the point where I discovered any use of a terminal outside what their devs think is proper is permanently unsupported. Newp. Next.

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Oh gosh, this is sadly so accurate


when you need to confirm you're not a robot


When discussing current events with people, consider the phrase "research <topic> and I think you'll find the answer" to be harmful. First, you're saying that because you think "researching <topic>" will yield the same conclusion you did. Secondly, it implies the other party doesn't deserve to know if they don't have the time, energy, or priorities you do. Third, if something is factual, then it deserves to just be said.

estrogen HRT deets 

@epilanthanomai I've held friends hands over the phone while they did their first injection, so I get it.

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I front off really well at being self-sufficient, tough, abundant, generous, and at peace with being unmoored from a sense of family or roots. Find me sobbing my eyes out to "Coeur D'Alene" or "Rivers And Roads" by The Head And The Heart, though, and it's evident it's all just for show.

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Small pleasures with basic HTML: when your website renders well on `netsurf`. 😊

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Seeing the backlash and hand-wringing around families being together on the holidays is a really stiff reminder that, while I still talk to my parents and all, I am so emotionally estranged from my family that I basically forget it's even possible that other people might really want to see their families on the holidays.

I've enjoyed being off animal products and fatty vegetable products, but this is seriously going to mess up my usual Christmas season sausage, no cheese, no butter cookies, no nuts, no eggnog.

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"There has never been a negative leap second, and if there is one, everyone who deals with NTP or kernel timekeeping code expects that it will be an appalling shitshow."

It's officially fire weather and we have a lovely new fireback to make the fireplace heat the room better.

I just started listening to Mark Fisher's lecture "Capitalist Realism and Hauntology". I'm so sorry I haven't been exposed to his ideas sooner, though I confess I may have not been sufficiently ready to internalize them until a year or two ago.

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Hey family! Looks like we had a bit of an outage for a little while there. The main files system was full of temporary files, which a quick reboot solved. Not bad for months of uptime, though!

Sometimes "If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next" will start playing in my head and I'll just kinda tear up go all blubbery.

Is it just me, or is cgo incredibly poorly documented?

I'm sure someone will give me shit for this, but James Randi was a very important influence on my personal development, and I think is passing deserves my remark, regret, and respect.

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