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OK, fellow vim users, we’re now called vimbos. It’s already done. Just get along and make it known.

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Who by fire, who by water, who in the sunshine, who in the nighttime, who by high ordeal, who by common trial, who in your merry merry month of May, who by very slow decay, and who, shall I say, is calling?

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Happy Kwanzaa to everyone that celebrates it :Sparkles_Kwanzaa:

Have created some emoji for the ocasion :fuchsia:.

:Heart_Kwanzaa: Heart_Kwanzaa
:Flag_Kwanzaa: Flag_Kwanzaa
:KwanzaaCat: KwanzaaCat
:Sparkles_Kwanzaa: Sparkles_Kwanzaa

#Kwanzaa #MastoArt #Emoji

"To run, to explore without consequence, to wander without meaning, to play. To love and enjoy our own world." ... "It's all we've ever wanted." (Ibid)

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"I look at myself and I see imperfections."..."These imperfections will persist until the end of time, and there's nothing I can do about that. My life will never be a perfect one. Those lakes, and the ruins that stick out of them, remind me that it's not supposed to be. This isn't Heaven. Waters rise and batteries fail. This is a universe in which things can still fuck up. And that's where I belong. I BELONG here. I can't tell you how good that feels."


Sometimes I'll stop and think that I'm maybe not that great an engineer. Sometimes my work takes longer than I think it should. Sometimes I cut corners. Sometimes I make hacks I'm not proud of.

Then I remember how many engineers are involved in the F-35 fighter jet, and I realize I'm probably not that bad an engineer.

@in_lieu_of_fiction if you're looking for folx to follow, try clicking on the federated timeline button, which will show you a lot of the transitive traffic that comes through here. We've got a lot of great hackers, activists, and assorted eccentrics coming through here.

family, it's been a while since we said hello to a new member. But...please extend a welcome to @in_lieu_of_fiction, an old friend of mine. He's a documentarian, silicon hacker, political satirist, civil rights activist, and one of my first inspirations for going weird. That is to say I think he'll fit right in in the Fediverse.

@in_lieu_of_fiction you may wish to pin the hashtag, since that's where we discuss business and make announcements. Welcome!

If you want to know how I've felt for almost all of 2020, both about the pandemic, my isolated condition within it, and the politics of this dismal year, please let me introduce you to "It Was Not Natural" by Wye Oak. I've done well this year, but I am tired, I am disconnected, and I'm wondering if there's any hope of restoring some of the internal damage.

family, we've blocked the instance We rarely block instances, but the name, iconography, and chatter from at least one user there gave me concerns about it being an instance rich with hate speech. If anyone here has lost a conversation or follower as a result, please reply to me and we can talk about a more targeted block of users instead.

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Hot take, nerd culture 

IT people who use analogy not as a rhetorical device, but as if it had evidentiary value, like an analogy was an isomorphism in maths or something, are comical.

Like this guy who draws an analogy about powered human flight and AI, and then maps the details of one onto the other:

The funny part is that it's the STEMlords doing this when it's a fundamentally pre-modern mode of thought, like a medieval allegory

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Being trans is really great, by the way. If you’ve found yourself thinking “if only it was that easy” or “but I could never do that” then maybe give it a try? It doesn’t have to be a big deal - it’s okay to try small things, and play around, and change your mind, and not tell anyone or be very selective in who you tell. It’s okay.

It finally happened. Even when I'm dressed butch, being called "sir" has become foreign and grating to my ears.

Ordering Christmas hampers from the ever-so-proper Fortnum and Mason, I was delighted to see they've put "Mx" on their list of honorifics.

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@fribbledom the important part of the haiku isn't the 5-7-5 at all, in fact a lot of them don't even follow that rule, but rather the cutting word

(i don't know if it's at all propert to put the kireji at the very end, but if so, the op is great - as a matter of fridge logic)

I have had, for the past few weeks, an inescapable feeling of being stuck, and I'm honestly not sure what to do about it.

I'm always looking for better terminals. I tried Alacritty and thought it was interesting, right up to the point where I discovered any use of a terminal outside what their devs think is proper is permanently unsupported. Newp. Next.

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Oh gosh, this is sadly so accurate


when you need to confirm you're not a robot


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