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I put "they/them" in my Slack and Zoom handles. I tell everyone before a public-facing meeting that this is the first job where I've come out as non-binary and that, I'm very chill about it in private, but in public events, it's important to me that people see my correct pronouns used. Everyone agrees this is important and that everyone should introduce themselves with pronouns. I show up to the meeting in femme-ish clothes and makeup. Mic fails. "He'll be right back folks." Doh.

@matthilde I hate to keep using you as my site status indicator, but it's looking like traffic isn't getting through to

Is there a single defense of Stallman that focuses at all on his capacities to be an effective board member? That discusses what he brings to the table other than "he coded good back in the day"? I haven't seen it.

Reading the various Internet chatter in opposition to the open letter calling for RMS' removal just makes me want to vomit at the notion that I might work with or share projects with these people.

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KDE: "On the reappointment of Richard Stallman as a director of the Free Software Foundation"

This sets the right tone. Proud of KDE.

Kit Sunny boosted is a website hosted from solar powered network of servers around the world. The node with the most sunlight at the moment is the active server

Trying to pull down my Youtube Music library so I can organize and DJ with it,, none of these mp3s have tags in them! I'm 90% sure they did when I moved them off iTunes into Google Play Music! It's all an undifferentiated, untagged mess that can't be easily organized. A big, jolly "fuck you" to Google again!

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And in general - it’s okay to try new pronouns, or a new name, or different clothes, or hair, or other adjustments to your gender. You’re not appropriating or trespassing. It’s okay. And you don’t have to commit to any particular identity either - you can play around and try things, in private or in public, and find what makes you happy.

I wrote a "Hello World" boot sector for the Apple iigs in assembly, no OS involved at all. Not too bad for a couple hours work and a couple nights deep reading the Disk II controller and AUTOSTART ROM. #6502

Having now read a book chapter on the inner workings of the Apple II disk controller, I am scarred for life and will never understand how in the hell we didn't just jump straight from tape to solid state storage.

Right now, I am reading a schematic-level explanation of the Apple II disk controller. Why? To avoid a very simple and moderate 45-minute boxing workout. That's basically me in a nutshell.

Spend last night reading about the Apple ii series disk drive, and its requirement that disk sector reads be "self-clocking", meaning that there was strict control over how many 0s were in succession. I keep realizing how much computing comes back to coding theory, and how my lack of higher math education limits me on that front.

One of the things that really keeps retrocomputers from being real daily Internet machines is that they can't handle modern SSL/TLS. I lately am wondering if this could be solved with dedicated hardware. It turns out that SSL accelerators used to be a somewhat common card to add to a workstation. This feels solvable with an ASIC but it seems nobody's really doing it any more.

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"Buddha is dead. Maitreya hasn't come yet. I just had a terrific nap and didn't even dream about Confucius." --Hotei "The Laughing Buddha"

I'm still doing everyday . Indeed, it seems I keep finding reasons why the minimal specs aren't so minimal.

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My code now runs on two planets and in space.

12:45, restate my assumptions: One, some people get by with a little understanding. Two, some people get by with a whole lot more. Three, I don't know why you've got to be so undemanding. Four, I want more.

In drafting up my will, a critical part to protecting my polyamorous family, I had to face the interesting question of where my estate should go if nobody in my household remains to receive it. I ultimately concluded that the majority of my personal wealth was built on the back of FOSS, and it's only right that wealth return to FOSS organizations when my family no longer needs it.

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