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current love levels are 57%

(57%) ■■■■■□□□□□

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The thing about people who have a lot of whatever it is that we're measuring with IQ is that they quite often tend to be way _more_ wrong than those who have less of whatever it is that those points stand for.

High IQ is kind of like superglue for opinions

Not only doesn't IQ compensate for ignorance or poor methodology, it acerbates the issue.

Rationalisation is a powerful drug. Most people can convince themselves of almost everything but those with high IQ tend to be _extraordinary_ at it.

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Stepan the #cat from Kharkiv won the World Influencers and Bloggers Awards

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They HARDCODED the value of the stablecoin in their protocol! If you want to know how little they think about failsafes in Crypto here it is! See thread below on why the hell one de-peg sets of chain reactions

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Annie Lennox of Eurythmics with a Tandy 200, and Dave Stewart laying with his head on her lap.

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it's my birthday, can i get some fucking BOOSTS???

(selfie, ec)

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Politics - Crypto 

Related to the Luna news, I and many others are likely going to see these people that lost everything in crypto (since it's inevitable turn into full on fascism which would further shake the political landscape globally.

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"Sorry To Bother You" and "They Live" should replace US civics and naturalization courses.

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Oh my goodness, been using the Mastodon web client basically since it first came out and only just saw/unchecked the “Enable advanced web interface“ option in Preferences and… ah, bliss!


#calm #simple #design

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Kalush Orchestra, the winners of #Eurovision 2022 published the official video for the song "Stefania", which was filmed in #Ukrainian cities affected by #Russian occupiers.

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tradition is just peer pressure from dead people

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how is crypto decentralized if it all crashes together

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My childhood toy was a stick and it had no Bluetooth.

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Should probably post something to start 😃

I'm Jen, currently a lab analyst, working on a MS in computer science.

Interests include:

(especially B-rated stuff)

(old school )

Be kind - the anxieties can be strong with this one!

"Package managers" like cargo, npm, gems, etc. are all security nightmares waiting to happen. Their existence is the result of a culture that enshrines speed, laziness, and selfishness. As a result, these things will continue to happen, and I reckon nobody will care.

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I grew up with evangelicals.

They are totally coming for contraception and the right for LGBT people to exist.

They are also coming for neuroatypicals. In their worldview, we have no right to exist as independent people.

Every variety of The Different is under threat.

The time to start fighting was the day you were born.

If you missed that, today will do.

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I'm surprised that this article doesn't really tackle the elephants in the room:

- The "decentralized" Web 3.0 is actually already much more centralized than the current Web. You want to buy/sell an NTF? Go to OpenSea. You want to build an app that interacts with a Blockchain? There's only Infura and Alchemy for that. Authentication over wallet? Sure, MetaMask does it. These four actors have basically a complete monopoly on the #web3. At a level that is even greater than the control exerted by Google or Facebook. Without a Blockchain, you can't do anything with a dApp. You can't even test your app - even testing and debugging needs to happen in somebody else's walled garden. In order to push anything to a Blockchain, you either run your own mining node (which either requires a lot of money, a lot of computing power, or both), or you delegate access to one of the gatekeepers. Can you imagine a world where the only way to push new records to a Postgres db is either to invest a lot into a mining node, or use a proprietary API provided by Google?

- The proof-of-work that powers Bitcoin (and most of today's Blockchains) is a criminal environmental disaster, period. Its throughput is laughable, even when compared to even the dumbest LAMP-based web application running on a Raspberry Pi, and the energy it burns to add a new block (just to solve a stupid numeric puzzle that isn't useful to anyone) should be enough to consider mining as a criminal activity against the whole planet. And its proposed alternative (proof-of-stake) has never been truly experimented on a large scale and, once it does, if it works, it will simply heavily centralize the Web 3.0. In order to get a stake on a Blockchain, you'll need to invest money. And a lot of it (Ethereum is talking about something in the order of the tens-hundreds of thousands of dollars). Do the supporters of Web3 and the proof-of-stake as the future know that they are simply laying the foundation for the next oligarchs of the web, that are likely to be much more powerful than today's because the barriers between users/developers and the actual infrastructure are even higher than today's?

If you want a #decentralized world, just pick any of the open-source projects out there that provides a way to federate with other services, run your own freaking server like it's 1999, and you're good to go.

You don't need NFT and crypto scam to build a decentralized internet. Nor you need mining algorithms that burn as much energy as the Netherlands just to push 0.001% of the transactions currently processed by Visa/Mastercard for a tiny fraction of that energy. Nor you need to have new gatekeepers. Nor you need to build a new oligarchy were only those who can afford to pay $100,000 can afford a stake on a Blockchain.

It's time for this Web 3.0 degenerated scammy bubble to burn in a ball of fire and get forever out of our sight.

Hey Fedi! Want to see my make my live play debut? I'll be joining a cast of wonderful weirdos as Big Dad Industries presents Count To Ten, a Mage: The Ascension story. It's this Friday, 5/13, at 8:30 Eastern, on!

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Psst gay people! Wanna get a nice border with your sexuality or gender around your profile picture? Yes? You should check this out!

But let's keep this a secret between us!

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I just noticed "foreach" on npm is controlled by a single maintainer.

I also noticed they let their personal email domain expire, so I bought it before someone else did.

I now control "foreach" on NPM, and the 36826 projects that depend on it.

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