@epilanthanomai - ohhh ok thx for explaining that lol... i have to admit it may take me a while to get into the swing of things around here haha

@roadriverrail @epilanthanomai @Stronae @Geekgenesis

were your expectations based on the album title, the band name or graphics? i know i judge music like that and usually end up surprised lol

also, NTS.live is legit if you want fresh sound served on global platter

@epilanthanomai i'm familar with ATR but not Alec Empire or Bass Terror. Yea I'd say I'm all over the place too. When shelter-in-place orders went into effect, I was playing albums from every nook and cranny of my MP3s but now default to good ol' radio. Have you heard of NTS.live? I've had Currentmoodgirl's L for Lockdown on repeat... it opens with Leonard Cohen talking about how he found his voice.

@roadriverrail - thx for the sweet intro! so grateful for this space and very excited to make new friends. hi guys - @epilanthanomai @neauoire @Stronae @Geekgenesis - what was the last album you listened to from start to finish?

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